Imagine a life where you laugh again. Even love again.

Imagine this life to be simpler.

Elementary. Effortless.

Just imagine slowing down, seeing the world go by.

Imagine that you are not just older physically, but older emotionally.

You know things you didn’t know before.

You have awareness you didn’t have.

You speak your mind. Every time.

You appreciate your surroundings. Even the old chair you are sitting on right now.

You are more quiet and at peace. Even though the noise is still there.

You enjoy your own company. Every night.

You crave to learn new skills just for fun.

You grasp people better. Even the ones you didn’t really understand before.

You get their good side and bad side.

You are less judgemental. Less right.

You have calmed down.

Just imagine a life like that.

This way of life is there waiting for you.

It might take a while but it is possible.

It personally took me 9 long years to get there.

And that’s 9 years after the loss of my husband.

I don’t count the days and years before.

Something happens when we experience loss, the clock starts over. (Click to Tweet!)

This clock is different to the one before.

It measures, calculates and weighs experiences from a different time zone.

It is made of some deep stuff.

Stuff that makes you not so asleep anymore.

It is this new clock that got installed in your body that made life harder at first.

But as time goes by this clock will lead you to a present and meaningful life.

And if you are not aware of this new clock yet…

You will be. In your own time. Don’t rush it.

It has to take the time it has to take.

Let this letter serve as a message from the future. Your singular future.

As for me, being here is truly magical.

I get to be with you. Wherever you are in your journey.

My new clock took me to you.

It took me to this day where the sun falls on my laptop as I am writing this…

…and I get to notice it.

It took me to my present moment and it let me stay.

This clock can stop time. If you let it.

I have stopped right here in this letter, so I could be with you longer.

I hope you feel my presence in your day. This day.

I can’t wait to see where your new clock after loss takes you.

Just remember you have what I have. And if I can get here, so can you.

With life and love,



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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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