Sometimes I wish I could go back

to the beach,

laughing like drunk fools

getting lost in your eyes

holding each other as if we were immortal

like the sea always is

mimicking the waves,

buzzing with love,

mesmerized with each other.

The sunset flaming over us,

luminous with gold radiant fever

against our young skin.

Stepping on the sand,

mingling with the earth and loving, just loving

that moment

you were here

breathing the same air, living all there is to live

without thinking of the end.

And now the sea is empty of you,

unplugged from us

without the breath that brought us together.

But with lastingness

that puts a spell on our heart


the moment that was…

into infinity.

With love,


P.S. Now is your turn to write a poem that describes your grief and your life after. And if you like you can post your entries below in the comments area.

Can’t wait to read your creations.

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