Tell me who you are outside of everyone else’s expectations,

outside of your fears.

Outside of the part of you that is so afraid to be real.

Who is that?

Who is the person that’s holding you back?

Oh my dear friend,

there is a big,

big life waiting for you outside that door.

Go on.

Walk over there.

And open it.

Come on do it.

I know you want to.

I know passion lives inside of you.

And yes I KNOW about your pain,

your sorrow,

your heartbreaks.

Don’t worry I will never forget what you have gone through.

I will remember your sorrows.

Your tears.

I know.

I know.

It was tough.

But dear friend did you forget that this life only has your name on it.

Not your neighbor’s name.

Certainly not your ex husband’s name.

Or that friend’s name who complains about you all the time.

Here I am going to show you something.

Stop reading and look around you.

Look at everything you see,

the people in the office,

the furniture in your house and the music of life that comes with it.

This is your life,

you are the one in it.

You have the controls to change it.


It is so simple that you will laugh at my suggestion.

Stop whatever you are doing and walk out of wherever you are.

(no this is not a metaphor)

I don’t care if you are at work, at home, at the mall.

Just do it.

You are not a character in a movie with a specific script.

You are the director, the actor and the story.

You get to decide what happens next.

Not your past.

Not your friends or relatives.

You can stop whatever it is that you are doing,

and start something new.

At any time,

any moment,


Use your powers,

will you?

You are the one with the paintbrush,

now start painting and don’t you dare let anyone else control your brush strokes.

It is your painting, your colors and your canvas.

Come on now.

Join me and speak out loud.

You know I am.

This letter was painted for you.

I painted it.

 Aren’t you glad I did not let anyone else tell me what to tell you?

Now it’s your turn.