I noticed grief’s superpower when I found myself taking action that would normally scare me.

I found myself speaking the truth more and more.

I heard me say things to people I never would before my loss.

That superpower was almost like a brand new engine that lived within me.

But the engine did not show its face while the grief was deep and dark.

It started to rev up when I begun to plug back in to life.

Those first plug-ins where a little out of character.

Not that I was not brave and a risk taker before my loss, but now my actions resembled a warrior.

Could it be that my brain maps were being changed by my grief?

Could it be that my DNA was shifting through my sorrow?

Was it true that grief was opening a brand new portal that I had never seen before?

Was it true that I was no longer just a human but a human with the capacity topush through concrete walls, with a brand new strength that enabled me to fight even more for the life I so deserved.

Can you feel the surge within you?

Can you feel the revving up?

It is not anger.

It is not rage.



It is grief’s superpower that is waiting for you to ignite it.

The ignition does not have to be a difficult and complicated action. Just get up and go and claim something that belongs to you.

Go and say something you have always wanted to say.

Just use your superpower through your warrior self and plug in to the portal that is opening up right before your eyes.

Once in there, grief will never look the same.

And remember because of your loss, you belong with the superheroes of the sky, with the moon and the stars.

Now go and rev up that engine and use your superpower to claim the life you deserve.

Post right here what you want to claim back with your grief’s superpower?

With superpowers,


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