When something doesn’t make any sense.

When something happens that we didn’t expect,
we keep asking why it happened to us.

Why now?

It is almost like we are trying to peak into the future,
where we are not supposed to be.

It is like we are trying to open a package that doesn’t have our name on it yet.
We are not supposed to know why something happened.
We are not supposed to see what forces are at play and why something had to happen in the way that it did.
But there is something we must absolutely do.

Trust the process of life.

Trust that the unexpected event is supposed to be there and we should not be peaking in.

When everything turned upside down in my life six years ago,

I was not able to trust the process of life.

I was actually terrible at it.

I was impatient.
I was in a hurry.

My ego needed to know, what was to happen to me, and my kids, what was to happen to our finances.

Was I going to be a single mother forever, was I going to sleep alone in my bed for eternity.
Would I die alone?

Talk about time travel.

I traveled decades into the future.
I saw myself seating in a rocking chair all alone, wrinkly, white hair and very lonely.

I would go into the future every day.

I would come back to the present moment emotionally drained.
I was unable to focus my energy to getting my life back together as I was never here to begin with.

Those were the old days of stepping outside of my life.
But now I react differently to the unexpectedness of life.

Something happened yesterday that took me by surprise.
Complete surprise.
First I shed a tear.
And a few minutes later I smiled.

As I realized that something was set in motion from the future.
The pieces had to come together for what is yet to come.

I trusted the process of life to move the pieces around in the way that would help the future get ready with its delivery.

In that moment I felt real peace walk into my heart.

I laid back, knowing that things are already at play that I could not understand even if I time travelled.

The only friend that would come with me during those future visits was fear.

And he always saw the cup half empty.

No need for those outings.

Just stay present, and trust the process of life.
I promise you that all will be revealed when the future arrives in your present.

Not before, not after.

Just on time.

Trust the process and put time travel aside for now.

Life is in the present.

And so are you.
Be honest…and share with me if you also visit your future very old self.

Is he/she old, alone and poor?

I hope not, but if the answer is yes then you know what to do.
With presence,
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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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