You are not here to sleep!

In the last 4 weeks I have travelled to many cities. Loved many people. Heard many stories. Hugged many souls. But I have discovered that we seek safety and routine before we seek life. We seek numbness before we seek vibrancy and excitement. We seek dullness before we seek adventure. When we hurt so much we want to end that pain. And we don't want to end it with LIFE. But with comfort. Why is…

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She comes into your life always unexpected. Her footsteps are always so quiet, as if she is bare footed. When you see her, you notice her arrogance at first. Then her beauty. Oh she is breathtaking. Her visits are short but so memorable. But when she shuts the door behind her, your heart freezes. You are in shock with how she shook your life. You are angry. You pace the room. You get mad at…

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Grief’s Superpower

I noticed grief’s superpower when I found myself taking action that would normally scare me. I found myself speaking the truth more and more. I heard me say things to people I never would before my loss. That superpower was almost like a brand new engine that lived within me. But the engine did not show its face while the grief was deep and dark. It started to rev up when I begun to plug back in…

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Guest Blog: Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

By Jess Pedersen, HHC ( As I reflect back on my forty-plus years, I’ve experienced numerous losses that I would consider intense and life-altering, including the loss of my grandmother when I was five, my grandfather at 16, and my father at 25. As a young child and teenager, I took the passing of grandparents very personally. I would often compare myself to my peers, who…

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