No matter the tragedy that is in front of you. 
Let the fairytale world whisper to your ear little things of life.

No matter the dreams that were destroyed. Look up and see the beautiful blue skies fill your world.

No matter the pain you feel in your heart. Let the ache you have for living, be felt.

I want you to feel this hand on your back, gently pushing you forward. With the force of life.












Fear or bravery. Choose to believe.

Rain or shine. Choose to live.

Pain or pleasure. Choose to feel.

The day I realized I had a choice to make was the day

my life changed.

It was up to me to re-enter life.

Nobody was stopping me from finding the door.

Only myself.

I had bitterness for what happened to me.

I felt intense jealousy of the rest of the world for having what I did not have.

My husband and the perfect family.

I was the one preventing me from finding life again.

If this is you then know this.

The sail boat you are on has a steering wheel.

The captain’s hat bares your name.

Start steering yourself out of the storm.

But listen up, rest at every shore.

Have fun while at sea.

And know that your boat has one of the most powerful engines.

The engine of grief.


It comes with sparks, explosives and a drive that can rock your world.

Choose to drive it.

You hold the keys.



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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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