My furniture just arrived from Boston today…

5 amazing guys were unloading all day.

I found myself asking them about their life stories.

I would walk by their side as they would carry the furniture in and they would tell me…all these spectacular things about their lives.

The war.

Cancer treatments.

Single fatherhood, with 3 daughters.

Cross country trips.


We got to know each other in these few hours of unloading all of my belongings.

I found myself enjoying their conversations so much.

They were so real.

So full of humanity.

One of them had just finished cancer treatments the day before.

And he was loading furniture today.

Age 64.

They told me how blessed they were.

How happy their kids made them.

The scars on their bodies and in their hearts were invisible.

I was going to write about loneliness today.

But these men showed up at my house and all I saw was resilience.

All I saw was human endurance.

They worked hard for their bread and butter and they smiled all day.


I wanted to keep them for dinner.

I wanted to be like them.

Just grateful for so little.

But yet so much.

Tired but so alive.

Burdened but yet light as a feather.


They are the true artists of life.

Today I am going to keep it simple and ask you to ask yourself, is your life really that hard?

With love,