I believe in fairytales even in the darkest forests.
Call me a dreamer.
Call me an optimist.
Call me anything you need, but the truth is, there is a way out of the darkness.








Guides, friends, loving strangers, and angels walked by my side all the way out.
I discovered truths about grief and life I was never told about.
I met people who have run with no legs, smiled fully after their children’s trip to heaven.
I met dreamers with no eyesight.
Painters with no hands.
Lovers with no love. 












What they all taught me was that we create our own world of fairytales, happiness and life.
We are the one’s responsible for our hearts joy.
No matter the darkness of the forest, there is always a way to the blue of the big sky.
Believe that loss and pain is only the beginning.
I did. Even though everything told me otherwise.

I hope you do too.

Believe in fairytales in the big dark forest.