I have a confession to make.

There were times that I wanted to give up.

There were times that I did not believe that I could pull it off.

I cried.

You know that quiet sob…. you keep to yourself?

In the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep.

You know the tears that are hot as they travel down your cheeks.

That feeling in your heart that travels deep into your soul.

The moment when you say, I tried everything.

I worked so hard.

I did it all.

And I came home empty handed.

That is what I call the ‘quiet sob.’

I have had those moments. So many of them.

I know you have had them too.

Even if you never admit that you have experienced ‘the quite sob‘ I know you have because it is part of having a very broken heart.

Quiet sobs take place when our heart is not just a little broken, but a lot.

When we are no longer complaining about life.

When we no longer speak to anyone about our feelings.

When we have mastered the skill of keeping it all inside.  

The heart gives birth to this quiet way of crying.

The next morning when you wake, you are even more quiet than before.

You go about your business.

You get ready to go to work.

When people ask you what’s up, you say “nothing just a little tired.”

What I am about to say may not have happened to you yet.

You may not have experienced this moment.

If you have not, please believe me that it is real.

Believe me that it can happen to you.

It has happened to me. And to many, many others.

There will be a day, when the morning after your quiet sob, you will experience a jolt of energy.

Almost like an energetic arrow piercing your heart and boosting you with ideas, actions, courage and a lot of daring.

The quiet sob is transformed to a loud gasp of life.

And you start to move, you start to do things you would not normally do.

You call people, you ask for what you want, you just do everything… and you smile.

And the impossible dream, the improbable life, all of a sudden becomes the only way.

Life opens up.

Opens up wide.

What walks in… is not only what you were hoping for, but much more!!

A rain of miracles.

And it is all for you!

The quiet sob is the very first sign of the opening.

So have those moments with your divine soul.


But remember to look out for the opening of life.

With arrows of energy!


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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