Dear Life Starters,

Even though I don’t work with you every day I actually feel like you are a part of my organization.

I feel like I must continue to give you insight and behind the scenes progress.

After all I am building this ship for you. This ship that I am building is heading towards getting much bigger so it can hold millions of people.

We are working to create a structure and a partner program that will give every church, non profit and hospital 50% of our profit from the life re-entry program and for any in house workshops we would conduct.

Yes you heard me right. 50%, anything else would not mirror my passion for the people who need this more than water and air.

By the end of 2012 we will have an organization with a mission to bring back value to life after loss every where.

So when people say non profit, I say for profit!! So we can shift people to a new beginning after devastation.

So we can finally have money to invest in people’s lives.

So we can hope, and believe that we can create value in a space where there has been no value.

When it was time for me to decide as to whether this ogranization was to be for profit or non profit, I sat quietly with my coffee in front of my fireplace at home and asked myself if I had the guts to do this for profit.

If it is for profit I can truly shift the culture on loss, and I can get the attention of big corporations and CEOs who never looked at truly investing in our emotional well being, but rather on material goods that help us escape for one brief moment.

On the flip side of this, I would get criticized from people who are so used to getting this type of service for free at a local donated space where people spend most of their time asking for money so they can basically exist. But then I realized if I became a business I could start giving half of my money away to those non profit organizations so they can too find their value and get back up on their feet.

Should I join them, or set myself apart and create something that can

bring value back to


I knew there would be a time of turbulance, storms and doubts about Second Firsts success. After all, I was only one person, with a very small budget and a really big mission.

I won’t lie to you, I came very close to claiming my non profit status, I even filled out the paper work. I know some people won’t like what I have to say next but I knew that if I had chosen the non profit choice I would have chosen the easy way out, where I would spend my time asking for money from every investor I could find.

The other side would be that I would have to invest every penny I had in my pocket, (literally every penny-and I have) and believe that you WORLD would invest in Second Firsts so I could grow and then in return give half of it back.

And here we are today. And I must tell you things are looking good.

Actually really good. 

I have hired employees who are truly skilled and are working hard with me to build the processes and the infrastructure that can support this vision of mine. 🙂

If you are someone who has a ministry, works in a great hospital, is the founder of a non profit and is interested in being notified when we will roll out our partner program then please email [email protected]

and she will be sure to send you all the info you need.

If you are someone who just joined Second Firsts because of loss, divorce, abandonment and in need of finding your new identity, I would recommend the Life Re-Entry Program-

If you are someone who is ready to step in to the life after loss in a live setting then join one of our workshops: email [email protected] if you are looking for a group rate.

If you are someone who would like me to speak at your organization or community then find out more at my speaking engagements page. https://SECONDFIRSTS.COM/speaking-engagements/

If you are someone who is ready to be transformed both personally and professionally then please apply to work with me directly: and email [email protected] for more info and an application.

And of course there is my book that will be coming out next year and before that another huge step for Second Firsts which will ultimately be part of your every day life after loss. I can’t tell you how excited I am to reveal this to you!

So please share this on facebook, with your family and friends, with your co-workers, with your boss or with people you might run into who need our help.

Thank you for believing in me, my mission and letting me be the messenger for this very important aspect of our precious life.

And one day….my dream would be that the President of the US, would like to meet us and will allow us to help thousands of military families.

Sssshhh….I know it isa big dream. But why not DREAM BIG. 

Until then, please keep supporting Second Firsts, keep believing in the dream and keep visiting.

I will always be here.

With Life,


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