I don’t know how I know this … but I know it.

I know you have this strength inside of you to overcome anything.

You have this tiny life force within, that is waiting for you to become aware of it and say yes to the outward tiny spark of life.

To hold on to it for as long as you can each time you come across it.

You have more life in you than you realize after loss.

More than you can ever know because you are not supposed to know.

You are supposed to trust yourself to reenter life.

And trust is what goes out of the window after loss. Why?

Because everything we ever believed in … is now destroyed somehow.

How can we trust again?

More importantly how can we trust ourselves?

It is almost an impossibility.

I am going to make this letter short, not because I can’t write about this forever, but because you need to know this in its most simplistic form.

And here it goes….

You were born with a knowing, and this knowing has allowed you to make decisions as a child.

It has allowed you to make your very first friends in kindergarten.

It guided you in school for all those years.

It told you what to study, what work to follow and how to love others.

This knowing told you about your dreams and your wishes.

It whispered to you at night, and you knew what you had to do in the morning.

Then everything changed one day.

You were completely devastated. Lost at sea.

You experienced your life for the first time without this knowing.

It was almost as if it was never there, that’s how completely gone it was.

There were no whispers, no wisdom, no knowing.

Just confusion, pain, loneliness and no hope for life to come back.

You told your friends and your family how lost you were, how you don’t know what you are doing.

How afraid you feel every day.

And they listened, but they didn’t know what to tell you.

Nobody could help with your decisions, with your next steps, with your new direction.

So I am here to tell you this.

The knowing that had been with you all along is still with you.

But the only way to get it back is to trust yourself again.

You must believe that the only person who knows the future direction of your life is you. (Click to Tweet!)

You know what your new dream should be.

You know how to swim back to shore.

You know who you are becoming.

Yes, you do.

You have to give yourself back your own power. Today.

Not tomorrow. Not in 2 years when ‘times heals’ you. Not in the future.

And don’t you give your power to others.

Start with making one decision this weekend.

And all of a sudden you will find yourself making another decision and the world will not come to an end. You will begin to trust yourself again.

Everything starts from right here.

But nothing can begin again until you do this.

This self trust thing.

You remembering this feeling of knowing.

So this week is about just that.

I want to see you decide on something.

Make choices.

Take steps.

Just don’t wait in the waiting room for too long, pretty please.

With life,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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