Two years ago I had a dream.

I dreamed about a world where we go to reenter after loss.

That world brought together the loneliest hearts so they could no longer be lonely.

That world brought together the most afraid hearts so they could no longer be afraid.

And that world brought together the most broken hearts so they could mend together.

Once they connected they started sharing their invisible wounds, losses and feelings.

They were embraced and supported from day one.

In this world everyone held hands and walked forward together.

They spent time witnessing and validating grief so life could show its face once again.

They spent time being compassionate towards others and they healed their own heart.

As time went by they started to trust themselves again and found the courage to leave the waiting room they have been in since their loss took place.

They learned how to Re-enter life every single day and made so many friends from all over the world along the way.

People like them.

People who have lost mothers, fathers, children and spouses.

People who have been abandoned, divorced, rejected, lost and forgotten.

People with struggles big and small.

They were finally able to leave those identities behind and embrace their new life.

You see, I always believed that when we go through the unthinkable we can do the impossible.

It is about the journey.

The friendships.

The compassion towards ourselves and towards others.

It is also about the beliefs we hold about our future.

How we see ourselves and how we see the world around us.

Grief is not the only experience that puts us in this infinite loop of loss but the beliefs that it brings along with it.

One of the reasons why this online world I built is so powerful is that it changes your beliefs about yourself and your life after loss dramatically.

You are immersed in a world of love and pure unconditional support where you are seen as someone who can do the impossible.

The impossible to me is a series of actions that change your life dramatically.

The impossible is a journey of ups and downs.

It is a journey towards yourself. Reentry is not only an outwardly experience but an experience that happens when we finally trust ourselves.

What I am trying to say is that it took me two long years to build this world but today is the day where I can finally open the doors. I called this world The Life Starters.

The Life Starters is an action-based social network for people who have experienced devastating loss — whether from divorce, death, illness, betrayal, job loss, rejection, any invisible loss or even a natural disaster.

But The Life Starters isn’t about trauma & grief. It’s about love & reinvention.

My guiding philosophy is simple: I believe that grief can be used as a catalyst for rapid transformation & personal growth. I believe it because I’ve seen it, experienced it, and proven it.

The Life Starters is a safe space to start over — no matter what you’ve lost, or what you’ve been through. At the core of our community is a revolutionary approach to personal transformation, called RE-ENTRY.

By doing this work you’re able to break the cycle of grief by training your brain to reward you for bravery, compassion & forward momentum. It’s an approach that completely inverts the “old logic” about what it means to grieve & heal. It’s powerful. It’s collaborative. It’s safe . And we can’t wait to share it with YOU.

The Life starters is here not only to completely change your life but to change the whole conversation about grief & trauma.

To create a gathering space for people to start over after collective loss, individual loss, unexpected loss, and unspeakable loss.

To reveal opportunities for real & radical connection — using technology as a tool to re-enter your life online, but live it offline.

To help our community, by giving back 20% of membership fees to members of the community via the Life Starters Scholarship Fund. We will not only change lives on an emotional level but also on a financial level. We will raise funds for education, new businesses, vacations, and self care. We will not only give our hearts and souls to you but we will change everything you ever thought about life after loss.

I created this world because time does not heal all wounds. Action does. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be the best journey of your life after loss? You bet it will be. The fee is $10 dollars a month. Yes it is nearly free so you and thousands of others can say yes.

And one more thing. This is not a class, a course a book, a service. Instead, it is a way of life. You will login every day to share, plug in, journal, cleanse and take action. And every day you will have with you people from all over the world supporting you and cheering you on. There is nothing like it anywhere else. Welcome to my home.

Sign up here:

With love and respect for you and your life,


PS. Any questions you have hit reply. We will be here answering every email.


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Anne Samuels says:

    I dont know if this is what I need. I am divorced, not from a good marriage but bad. I have a daughter who just left this fall for college. I feel alone. I have no family less than 160 miles from me. I have no man in my life. The girl friends I have are busy with their lives. I work full time. I like my job , I help people, That is my nature. I think now that I am not in a love relationship I dont have that opportunity. My daughter is turning 19 , I mothered her well enough that she has spread her wings. Now what? I do everything alone. I dont mind being alone but now I am alone ALL THE TIME. and it is breaking my heart. I feel I have so much love to give. It is being wasted . I have no desire to on line date. I just wonder can a person be happy and fulfilled outside a loving monogamous relationship? It seems like life is designed for couples and families. I feel like a lost soul when I see it around me. I dont know if this community would help me. DO you have any advice?

    • Christina says:

      Dear Anne yes it would absolutely help you. We have folks who have gone through divorce in our life starters world. The community is about rebuilding your life after a loss. Whatever the loss is.

  • Nicole Zook says:

    You are so close but at one of the hardest parts. This is the place you learn to truly love yourself. You learn to not be sad to be at dinner with yourself or at a movie with yourself. I’ve lived it, just when I gave up and thought it isn’t too bad being by myself (never alone, someone else counts you when you are in the room why wouldn’t you). The love of my life walked in. Our relationship wouldn’t be what it is and has been for 12 years if I hadn’t gone though that space and time.
    Enjoy this time, don’t be afraid of it. Learn to love your own company because it won’t be like that forever.

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