Sometimes I look at all eternity and wonder if any of the work I do really matters in the vastness of the cosmos.

This world is so big, and so infinite, and so endless that these words on this page make no difference whatsoever.

Should I still write them?

Would it matter if I didn’t?

Would it matter if I did?

Purpose is the only thing that keeps our souls alive and doing. (Click to Tweet!)

It is not intelligence.

It is not wisdom.

It is not even love, as love might even destroy us sometimes.

But purpose is the engine and the fuel.

Purpose is the food and the plate.

Purpose is the reason I write to you even if infinity wipes away my words.

I will still write to you.

As if my soul knows that in the vastness of the universe these messages will only live inside of you.

These messages live inside your souls and not in buildings, not in books, even if I write many of them.

And so they become infinite, vast and endless.

Purpose drives every message.

Purpose drives every action.

If you are still here it is because you have purpose.

My definition of purpose is…to do something with enough hunger that knowing that your work still matters even if it disappears in the eternity of the cosmos.

Having purpose is about feeling alive at your present moment.

Detaching from any future creation.

So what if you don’t know your purpose?

What if you have gone through so much in your life and you feel lost?

Today, I want to help you ground yourself into a solid place where you can see what purpose is for you, in this moment in time.

Close your eyes and see yourself in the vastness of the world.

Feel the inner world that lives within you and experience the timelessness of it.

You have never known life without your inner world.

The fabric of your soul is made of knowing. Knowing you.

As you float in the beautiful starry cosmos imagine a very tiny thing that you get to do. Imagine a place where you get to carve out your name.

Imagine doing something that makes you feel good, alive and in purpose.

If you work in a school, helping a child do his homework better is having purpose.

If you plant a new flower in your garden and you watch it bloom, it is about purpose.

If you change the walls in your house from white to lavender, it is having purpose.

If you want to create more connection in your marriage, it is having purpose.

If you want to volunteer at your church, it is having purpose.

Me writing to you every Friday is my purpose.

You see it is not about big wild impossible dreams.

That is not how you find your purpose.

It is about a small humble hunger that we get to feel purposeful.

So today I want to hear about your small humble hunger that lives only inside of you.

Share with me here how you get to live in purpose.

With love and infinite purpose,