Sometimes I look at all eternity and wonder if any of the work I do really matters in the vastness of the cosmos.

This world is so big, and so infinite, and so endless that these words on this page make no difference whatsoever.

Should I still write them?

Would it matter if I didn’t?

Would it matter if I did?

Purpose is the only thing that keeps our souls alive and doing. (Click to Tweet!)

It is not intelligence.

It is not wisdom.

It is not even love, as love might even destroy us sometimes.

But purpose is the engine and the fuel.

Purpose is the food and the plate.

Purpose is the reason I write to you even if infinity wipes away my words.

I will still write to you.

As if my soul knows that in the vastness of the universe these messages will only live inside of you.

These messages live inside your souls and not in buildings, not in books, even if I write many of them.

And so they become infinite, vast and endless.

Purpose drives every message.

Purpose drives every action.

If you are still here it is because you have purpose.

My definition of purpose is…to do something with enough hunger that knowing that your work still matters even if it disappears in the eternity of the cosmos.

Having purpose is about feeling alive at your present moment.

Detaching from any future creation.

So what if you don’t know your purpose?

What if you have gone through so much in your life and you feel lost?

Today, I want to help you ground yourself into a solid place where you can see what purpose is for you, in this moment in time.

Close your eyes and see yourself in the vastness of the world.

Feel the inner world that lives within you and experience the timelessness of it.

You have never known life without your inner world.

The fabric of your soul is made of knowing. Knowing you.

As you float in the beautiful starry cosmos imagine a very tiny thing that you get to do. Imagine a place where you get to carve out your name.

Imagine doing something that makes you feel good, alive and in purpose.

If you work in a school, helping a child do his homework better is having purpose.

If you plant a new flower in your garden and you watch it bloom, it is about purpose.

If you change the walls in your house from white to lavender, it is having purpose.

If you want to create more connection in your marriage, it is having purpose.

If you want to volunteer at your church, it is having purpose.

Me writing to you every Friday is my purpose.

You see it is not about big wild impossible dreams.

That is not how you find your purpose.

It is about a small humble hunger that we get to feel purposeful.

So today I want to hear about your small humble hunger that lives only inside of you.

Share with me here how you get to live in purpose.

With love and infinite purpose,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Susan Dearinger says:

    I suppose my purpose right now, one year post loss of my beloved first and already in a beautiful relationship with my second first, my purpose is to make my new life what I really want it to be… I am an artist now as I have had to walk away from my nursing career and I have been given the opportunity to pursue it full time even if all I ever do is small things that make me and those around me happy. My relationships with my two grown sons are my other just as important purposes. To continue to remain close with them and support and encourage them as they pursue their lives without their father. He was my best friend and their best friend and we choose to go forward because we know he would want us to… And THAT is purpose too!

    • Hi Christina, how you doing?
      First of all just I would like to say that you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul.
      I pray to God tor you health,your well being.
      Really all your articles are wonderful,also now I had gotta purpose,
      Purpose to get the way of life and direction through your guidance and help,
      Very happy to be connected with you.
      May God bless you. Aameen

    • Joan (John) says:

      Nice and intelligent purpose Susan. Most important are our children and ourself. I´m also trying to pursuit same purposes but is not easy for me. I´m not focused in my purposes but I´m frequently doing forwards others less important matters like work, work and again more work. I think is time to stop……and go to my purpose. Congratulations.

  • Kim says:

    One of my purposes is to be a mother. To have a loving, crazy, sometimes infuriating bond with my daughter because I was denied that bond with my own mother, who committed suicide when I was only 5 years old. Not to be a “good” mother. Not to raise a perfect child. Not to measure up to anyone’s standards in any way. Just to be her mother. To connect with her, guide her, love her, and drive her crazy as often as possible. 🙂 She’s helped me to be a better person in more ways than she will never know.

  • ashley says:

    My purpose has always been my kids. So when I lost my daughter almost 6 years ago, I lost everything. My his band wasn’t enough to keep me here. If it wasn’t for my other daughter I do not know if I would still be here. She was the only reason I stayed. I could bare to think of how much it would hurt her to lose me to. She was only 3 at the time and the loss of Katy still hurts her and she hates me for it, but still I stay and love her, because I can’t live without her. My life would seize to have meaning if I lose her too.

  • Debby says:

    I had a purpose. ..and I’m struggling to get back to get. Reading your posts are helping. However it is a slow process. I am very ill and I have neurological disorders and it is very hard to read. I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  • Dede says:

    Dearest Christina,
    You achieving your purpose gives understanding and inspiration to so many lives! Whether or not it endures forever, it makes passing through this plain of existence much more comprehensible and meaningful.
    For a long time I wondered about my purpose. What is it here on Earth? I have overcome so much trauma, torture and loss. Now, I believe that my purpose is in teaching others, inspiring others, helping other people to heal from their traumas, losses and pain.
    My pleasure in Life is to gift people with resources that I know will aid them on their journey. These may be a gratitude journal, a special uplifting book, a calendar or thought for the day. I love to do this. I love to write, too. Often just my words can be so uplifting to someone recovering. This is my gift to share. I am grateful to be able to find my purpose in this way.
    Blessings of the Season, Christine, and of the New Year!

  • kizzi says:

    My purpose, since my husbands death last year, is to be mummy, consistent mummy. Provide my children with the security that nothing would change even though everything had. That they’d still be loved, fed, clean clothes provided, boundaries remained the same. That they’d still go to football training, play peekaboo, trick or treating, be able to sing Christmas songs and be happy. My purpose is to reassure them that loosing their father didn’t mean their lives would be damaged. My purpose has been to absorb the negativity of our situation, do my husband proud and parent fir the both of us. Yes I get sad, and yes I let the kids see it at times so they know its ok to be sad but I also think its important to let them know its ok to be happy. My heart is broken, but through my beautiful boys i have purpose and when they are ready I’ll find my own personal purpose. They are very young, they were 8 and 1 when he suddenly passed away so they’re needs are my priority. My biggest fear is for my youngest who will have no physical memory of his daddy so my project/purpose next year is to start the download process, all the memories of him, be them silly or small I want to download from my brain to page for him.

  • Dianne says:

    Dear Christina,
    I always find your message thought provoking. I don’t usually respond but today I take a break from packing up my life. 2014 has been full of endings. The divorce was official in Jan 2014 after 35 years of marriage and my ex already in his new love nest. My job of 20 years ended in April. Today I am packing up my much loved home of 20 years to downsize and move in with my 93 year old mother. My primary purpose has been to heal and be more whole after the end of what had been a long love affair. It still hurts. My 2nd purpose is to find employment in a new career that inspires me and supports making this world a better, kinder, gentler place. Purpose 3 is to be a companion and comfort to my mother in whatever time remains for her. Purpose 4 is to create my new best yet to be life, new job, new friends new interests! Purpose 5 is to take even better care of the awesome health I’ve been blessed with. Purpose 6 is to be a mother and friend to my 3 adult children and to the 2 step-children my ex brought into our marriage. They still adore me! And that is a treasure. Last but not least my 7th purpose is to continue evolving in my spiritual journey and to awesomely love myself.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts and for reminding me on what feels like a lonely sad day, that my Life has Meaning and Purpose!

  • Leslie Dawn says:

    My purpose now is to LOVE. To make a difference, even if I only help one or two lost souls on this planet, we are ultimately given this divine chance to give and receive genuine LOVE. Do you know how many people in this world wander, aimlessly, with no purpose, no reason, no sense of belonging and ‘heavy loads’ that no human should have to bear. We are blessed with this life, right now, today, to do something. We all have a different purpose and calling, and I know that without LOVE, we are nothing. We cannot offer healing to others, nor can we receive it. Without LOVE, we are empty, lost and alone. Humans are not meant to live, grow and prosper alone. We are meant to help one another, to treat each other with kindness and offer our unique gifts that are only within our hearts. What a blessing. I try everyday that I am alive to offer LOVE. This is my purpose. With much Love, Ms. Leslie B. 🙂

  • Gay Marie says:

    I want to live again, I want to feel alive about life, I am a survivor.

  • Sallie says:

    4 years in and I am now teaching a writing to be published class for seniors at the lifelong learning institute at cal state u long beach. I find in that classroom I am truly alive! I live to see my students thriving. Such a small thing but so fulfilling. I have never taught before but it’s my purpose. I am also working on a book.

  • Erin McRaven says:

    In this line of thinking, I can list many purposes. Planting flowers and trees is one. Painting & writing and bringing a fantasy world to life through it is another. Being a friend to animals is another. I want to ad more fun and whimsy and beauty everywhere I can!!!

  • Cathy says:

    I teach high school students Anatomy. I used to think that was my purpose. My husband suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in October 2013. I took 3 weeks off and returned to finish out the school year. I found just the simple act of returning to work and talking to my students about my loss gave me strength but it showed them how to continue to live in spite of adversity. They thanked me at the end of the year for “not quitting on them”. I still teach Anatomy but my purpose is not the subject matter but it is to show my students that as adults there are going to be bad days, even terrible days, but how we chose to live in spite of those days makes all the difference.

  • Cynthia Doulen says:

    You and I live a purpose filled life every moment of every day by creating a ripple of positive energy and love, compassion, caring felt through out thr Universe! You and I make a difference…..

  • Twinky says:

    2 years out of school, stuck at home , I had just lost the passion I once had for my career, BUT, Now Your words have sinked in somewhere deeper and it’s going to stay there until eternity and after. I know my purpose in life is now to give a direction to my career, rebuild the passion and not vile away my time so that I may keep my family, friends and those around me happy. Thankyou so much ma’am. 🙂

  • Sharon says:

    Dear Christina,
    December 5th is my 64th birthday! I treasure my life! I lost my husband of 35 years suddenly almost 7 years ago. My how the time flies! I have struggled with my purpose in life. As you state, the simple things I do are purposeful to me and meaningful to the universe. Planting flowers and veggies in my garden each year, even as I get older. Feeding the many birds that live on my country acreage. Caring for my beautiful home is my purpose. Loving and caring for my two grown children and one special grandchild who I carried for my daughter and delivered in 2000. That was my Divine purpose! What a Blessing and the joy he is! My purpose is to teach him many things about life his parents have not experienced yet. Smiling at everyone I pass is purposeful to me also as we never know what they may be going through. Being kind is a purpose too! Even decorating my home for Christmas now is my purpose as it brings festive joy to my family. Thanks you for this message as it helped me identify that simple activities are purposes too.
    God Bless You,

  • Lisa says:

    My purpose is to survive with Grace and Joy through all of my continued challenges.

  • Lost says:

    Only a little over 4 months from when I lost my Love.
    For a while, I enjoyed what I thought was my sole purpose in life: making a better a life for my sweet husband. I so enjoyed making him happy. It brought happiness to me, to see him laugh, smile and enjoy life.
    I am finding that maybe my purpose is to bring a smile to others. I do get enjoyment from that.
    Maybe I am still so lost……maybe that is selfish…..maybe I don’t have a clue.

  • Its been almost 5 years since I lost the love of my life, husband, Glenn S. My never ending desire in my heart has been to keep alive his memory and legacy that he was a man that gave so much to others, and never spoke a word of it. I came up with the idea of this website with his initials incorporated into the idea of the name, and secured the domain name about a year ago. After I was hit hard and devastated from Hurricane Sandy, I then experienced more loss of all my possessions, and financial hardship, after he had died, I put the website on hold, and grieved very hard. After recently reading Second Firsts, because I remembered you when you first began your startup on your Facebook page years ago and remembered your beautiful encouraging words then. Since recently reading your book, I have now, as you suggested, decided to start 5% of something new, and get stronger, filling my life purpose to become the type of person like you, like him, and so many others who give to the world their gifts in silence. without expectations, or conditions, but because you genuinely feel compelled to help others. As time goes on, I hope reach this goal, start more research on how to begin to work on this website startup. As times passes as I hope to get stronger, as I also now signed up for your messages in a bottle. I will keep all posted of how my grief and my purpose in life progresses to hopefully oneday bloom into this goal, and keep my love and memory alive of my husband, but still be able to move on to do things that will make me a better person, as he would want me to be. He would want me to be happy, not in a state of c0nstant grief, maybe love again, fulfill this purpose to help others as he always did, and just like you do too, Chris,…Thank you for your encouragement.

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