My love for you is what drives these weekly letters.

I have been writing to you for over 4 years now. And I have loved every moment of it.

Every Friday no matter what happens I have to write to you.

Today I have a big favor to ask.

If this weekly letter changed your life in any way, click reply and send me a letter in response.

In your letter I will ask you to include the following two answers:

  1. How are you different since you started receiving the Message in a Bottle?
  2. What are you grateful for?

At the bottom of your letter let me know if I can share your letter here on our Facebook page.

If it is a yes, do you want your name at the end of it, or do you want this to be anonymous?

You can also attach a picture of you.

And I will share it with our world.

Today you get to change my life and the lives of many people through your letter.

Why am I doing this?

I want the people who will read your letter to find hope and inspiration so they can start changing their lives.

And honestly, I want these letters also for me.

I want to see how the Message in a Bottle is changing your life.

Hit reply and start writing to me.

I will post as many letters as possible and I will respond to each and everyone of them.

Here’s to your letter.

With love,