From the moment we are born we seek love.

We seek to be loved. 

To be embraced.

And to be nurtured.

We crave love in everything we do.

We are capable of passionate love.

Love that is timeless.

Love that is beyond mortality.

Beyond the stars.

The moon

and the universe.

Love transcends everything. 

But when we lose love…

oh my dear beloveds….that divine passionate experience that sent us to the stars and the moon…now throws us down to the earth and buries us under the ground.

And we scream at night. 

And we hide our pain during the day.

We loved so much.

We lost even more.


We scream at love.

We scream at ourselves.

We scream at ‘them’, the ones that left us. Betrayed us.

And we rise…we rise again. 



We rise forgetting the power of love.

We rise bitter.

We rise alone.

We rise betrayed.

And we suspend in mid air with anger as our fuel.

With hurt as our engine.

18992_607412382623790_93094967_nWith love as a distant memory. 

And sometimes we die without love.

We die without the embrace we needed when we were born.

We die without finding somebody to love again.

Because we believe in one love,

one soulmate and one divine experience of passionate love.

But if our heart could speak to us…it would tell us…

All I want is…and all I need is to find somebody…

to love somebody, because I am here to love many times. 

Even for a few seconds. 

Just to see the moon and the stars again.

With love,


PS. And if you know someone who is looking to live, laugh and love again and does not have this book, I hope you find some way to get it to them.  

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • Edith says:

    Good to know that unlike all the therapists say wanting to find love isn’t bad, “seeking” behavior or undue neediness. I guess it’s all in the how or extent of it. Still, reassuring to know it is normal, not wrong to not be so self-sufficient. Although God and prayer bring me a lot of comfort.

  • Cheryl says:

    Just last night I had a dream that I was talking to a friend from highschool on the phone. And as we were ending the conversation she said first ‘I love you’ and then I said it back. I don’t talk to this person on regular basis in real life but she did fly most of the way across the country to visit me 6 months after my husband passed away.

  • Randi Mauro says:

    I have loved more than once. But as my money is controlled by my Brother, & as this months completes the last 7 months of receiving all my medical records, in shock at the illness I had just before my Husband died in 8 weeks , leaving me with liens on my home, forging my name on Bonds, yes I damn him for dying, for me trusting he wasn’t so broken that he would leave me & his 2 daughters with so little. I loved my brother my entire life, but he is montrous, cruel, & I’ll be going to the NY Times or Washington Post as I look at how much my budget was increased. I finally get the help I need yet I can”t afford it. No. I’m too old, to trust anyone not that I can meet anyone here. But, I do believe my book will fly Big, & I’ve already feel optimistic, determined & ready after I start to breathe again, to read my 11 long handed books into my new updated Dragon. When that happens, I will have recreated myself as I have all throughout my life. I will have proven to myself that I do have something more to offer than a pretty face & I know I walk in Gods Graces. It might not be now, but when I can walk away from my “let’s pretend” amazingly toxic & abusive siblings..I will absolutely open to love again. I trusted my Brother, he leaned over my Husband as he had 3-4 days left & told him “Don’t worry Vin. I’ll take care of Randi. I’ll take care of your girls.” well, once money was involved..everything changed. He told me at the time 8 years ago that it was MY fault since I shopped at the Gap for my girls. I am such a low maintenance spender. I hate shopping. So this east coast NYC woman is in midamerica where now my being ill is a crime. I feel he wishes I died. Which medication should I not take? Should I not eat. He goes to sleep thinking he is not enough because he will never be enough. He is disgusting. No. I don’t want to be fooled ever again. Abusive behavior with the words “I love you ” added to it is still Abuse. In fact I wish he would fly here & beat me up because his words make me feel so small. I just need to walk away. I know what love is..I love my girlsI loved & was cherished by their Dad, I will always love Him. .I love me,For now, that will have o do. Long Day.. xx

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