If only you knew that within yourself there lives an extraordinary power. 

A power so majestic and brilliant that if you unleashed it..

you would find yourself building castles, loving so passionately and living in the present moment so often that you get to expand time.

The superpower I speak of is grief. 

The one and only common experience we all get to have.

If we allowed ourselves to tell the truth we would see how loss is our evolutionary competitive advantage. 

It is because of our losses that we get to experience a more dimensional life.

However we were taught to see it as the experience that is used to destroy us instead of build us.

We have been asked to hide it,

bury it and not speak of it.

When grief is never unleashed and is never used to create passion and love….

…it becomes venom. 

Yes I am aware, that’s a strong word,

but its the very truth that we are not looking at.

The truth which is buried alongside our grief.

And we suffer quietly. 

Not just for losing loved ones but for all the losses we taste every day at work, at home and at play. 

If only we looked at our presidents, leaders and path makers.

We would see a common experience.


That has been their one common trait.

There is a leader in all of us. Just like there is grief in all of us.

Grief is a superpower and when not used… it destroys us. 

When used as fuel… it liberates us. 

When used as part of our DNA it is our competitive advantage.

Mid-life crisis does not take place because we are depressed but because we are grieving our unrealized dreams. 

Because we are hiding our grief even from ourselves.

But most of all because we don’t know who we were born to be.

Ashamed to grieve. 

Unable to lead our own life towards freedom and happiness.

The secret to happiness and true success is not the law of attraction but our ability to take our tragedies share them with our world and remove the duality of loss so we can build the life we are capable of building.

Good thoughts and good things will happen to us when we stop carrying the unnecessary weight.

There is so much passion inside a human who has grieved loves and experiences.

483250_10151602223478185_207266652_nSo much untapped divinity. 

So much unearthed humanity and compassion. 

We all become Life Starters every time we experience a life interruption.

However our society calls us different names:





Time to end the myth, the name calling and stereotypes of grief and use our most important life experience to build castles through our lives.

I will spend my life telling you that you are here to survive every tragedy, every loss and walk towards your divine self, the part of you that is holding on to that superpower.

Grief: The superpower of your soul. 

Unleash it.

With love,


If you haven’t unleashed your power yet here is the book that will help you do it. It is time.

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