Imagine for a minute that we are best friends.

Just for a little while.

Imagine just for the duration of this letter that I know your life,

your story and your struggles.

Imagine that we are sitting somewhere you love and we are having a conversation over coffee, or tea.

It is sunny outside,

and the ocean is heard from the beach.

The blue skies smile over us and hope is abundant.

During this friendly conversation you get to see the love that I have for you.

You get to see your own beauty through my eyes.

All of a sudden you start to tell me that you think you undervalued yourself.

You are telling me that you underestimated your gifts and your skills for all these years.

You never got paid enough.

You were never loved enough.

And you never asked for what you so deserved.

You are angry with yourself as you now see your beauty and your worth for the very first time.

You want to run out and start creating but you think it is too late.

You are mad at yourself that it took you so long to believe in your value.

You are asking me why?

“Why did it take me that long.”

I look at you in the loving way I always have and tell you that I have always seen your beauty and your uniqueness.

You always shined even when you did not know your own light.

The people you were meant to meet and the experiences you were meant to have did happen.

You just saw their light and not your own.

You saw them as special and stopped right there.

I tell you, that sometimes we find our own value through a long journey.

We can’t see our worthiness without a certain amount of life experiences.

We can’t see our special selves without a certain readiness.

While sitting under the sun and the blue big skies, you ask me: “How ready do I have to be for more love, more life and more value?”

I take a sip from my coffee,

I reach out and hold your hand and tell you:

“You see my dear one, value for ourselves, comes from our own hearts. We need to be ready to look within and embrace our own beauty. When we stop looking for our own worth in others, we will find it in us.”

With life and hard earned value,


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