November 10th was a date I had been preparing for a whole year.

But to be honest with you, it was a date I was petrified of.

Paralyzing fear has knocked on my door every day since the conception of my very first live event.

So much so that I was worried that I would lose my voice, that my body would crumble and all these wonderful souls would have travelled from far away for nothing.

I had forgotten that fear had no logic, or rational.

My brain played happily with my fear and I was left outside with my dreams.



All alone.

The closer the date would come, the louder the fear would get.

I could only imagine the state I would be on that Saturday morning.

The imagining of my failure, scared me to death.

I was staying at the venue hotel without my family so I could prepare myself to fully face my fears that night.

But the most unexpected thing happened the next day.

I woke up that morning in complete peace, without any anxiety or words from fear.

I remember my first waking moment.

It was so quiet.

Peaceful. Just silent.

I was in total readiness and my team, the speakers and I delivered one of the best days of our lives.

What a contrast.

What a surprise.

Through the gates of fear and out the other side, beauty was waiting.

Through the sky’s wall to the Universe’s limitless powers.

Through fear’s guarded locked up iron doors to the gateway of spirit and soul.

I am sharing the truth with you because I never want you to look at me and think that I am a natural at this.

That I do all of this in an effortless manner.

I am just like you.

You are just like me.

I might even be more afraid than you have ever been.

But if you ever wonder whether you can make your dreams come true then read this letter and remember that the other side of fear is beautiful.

The other side of fear is breathless.

When we grieve what shows up is not the beauty of dreams but the ugly face of fear and the crazy attitude of guilt.


Walking through the valley of those two not so fun companions is the only way to the other side where your spirit awaits you.

However walking through that valley even though was very lonely and where I certainly did not have any proof as to whether I will ever make it to the other side, there was one thought that my brain kept repeating.









One sentence that I somehow knew it to be true.

This is destined to be one magical day.

I kept hearing this whisper.

This is destined to be one magical day.

Over and over again.

And I believed.


The day was magical, lives were changed, souls were awakened and grief finally took a back seat by the end of the day.

I cried from happiness and I thanked God for helping me find the courage to face my fears.

I thanked my team, I thanked my speakers Carolyn Moor, Kristine Carlson and Kc Baker for being my guides and believing in me before anyone else did. I thanked my family for standing by me during the walk.




Then I spoke to my fear.

“Dear fear, I hope its ok with you that I get the last word on this one.”

With a fearless heart,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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