When it comes to grief, it doesn’t matter where you are from, or what color your skin is.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, how many lovers you had, or how many mistakes you think you made.


I don’t care about your religion choice.


I don’t care that you have no money.


I don’t care that you are not popular.


What I care about is, that you wake up every morning and you smile at the person you see in the mirror.


What I care about is that you learn to laugh again so much that you loose your breath.


What I care about is, that you speak to yourself kindly and you give yourself hope when there is no hope left.


What I care about is that you spend time with yourself, imagining a new life, dreaming of what could be and thinking of all the people you can lend a hand to.


Regardless of how much it is that you have lost, or how many dreams have been shattered.


Above all I care about the place in your heart that keeps beating no matter your loss, your circumstances, your dollar amount, or your accomplishment list.

That heartbeat doesn’t care about the mistakes, the losses, the language you speak, or who your family is.


All your heart wants to know is, whether it can count on that next beat, that next breath and that next pump of blood that comes from feeling alive.


What I am referring to is the feeling that comes from feeling love, laughter and most of all, compassion for yourself.

You know that feeling when you help someone who needs you? That feeling when you can see life as your playground? And you are playing full on?


Yes I know, I know, I know…


How can you play with life again when you are so scared about what you might loose?


I hear you!


I hear your fear about living life again.


But listen to this one tiny thought….

It sounds like a whisper.


Playing with life again, is the only way forward.


I promise you that if you decide to join in… every moment will feel like time stopped and your heart will experience happiness in slow motion.


I promise you, that if you start making new friends, they will love all the colors of you BECAUSE OF YOUR LOSS.


I promise you that if you find a new hobby, you will discover a new part of you that you never knew was possible before.


I promise you that if you decide to date again, and play with a new mate, you will find yourself immersed in a life that feels like a dream.


I promise you that if you dare to fall in love, your heartbeat will feel that new love so much louder that you will experience EUPHORIA FOR THE FIRST TIME.


How do I know all this?

Well my dear life starter, my life was interrupted abruptly one early morning at 2:00am in 2006 when my gorgeous, smart and spectacular husband passed on to another dimension and left me here on this earth with two baby daughters.


I was distraught, breathless and in love with a dead man.


My body was still functioning but I was dead INSIDE.


Since that day, I begun to really play fun and games with my life after loss.


I won’t lie to you it did not happen overnight but it did get me to my PRESENT MOMENT.


Where I wake up every morning and I look at my life as a single life that lives within every day.


Since 2006, I lived 2,890 playful lives.

I had so much fun that I forgot that I was no longer a kid.

I travelled the globe so many times over.

I fell in love hard, and married him regardless of my fear.

I am no longer afraid because after all, if you don’t play the biggest game called life, your loss will not be able to teach you the wisdom that deserves to you!!


You earned it.


Now is your turn.


Go and claim it.




Christina Rasmussen


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • johanna dysard says:

    I love things you say, write. I myself find u are able to touch everyone, no matter what the situation. And may you be blessed, for

  • Nazar says:

    Hi Christina
    I am in DEEP SHIT after I am reading Press Play Again Articles
    I FEEL BETTER. I Thank You Very Much for inspiring me.
    Wish All the Best 2015
    Please Pray for me and May God Bless Us All. Amen!
    Yours Affectionately
    [email protected]

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