Decades of theory and research came to a huge announcement this week

Higgs Boson is for real.

The discovery of such particle is such a revolutionary moment for all humanity.

And just in case you never heard of Higgs boson.

The best way to describe it is, the discovery of where mass comes from.

That’s right we are now going to be able to find out where we come from.

Where we all originate from.

You are probably wondering what does Higgs boson has to do with loss and starting over.

The human urge to discover where we come from, has brought us here to this moment, where no matter the years of work, the doubts of this 25th particle existence we overcame all obstacles and questioned our destiny.

This knowledge changes everything, especially the way we see the Universe forever.

In my world of darkness and matter, grief is my Higgs Boson.

The energetic evolution that takes place within our DNA when we experience a dramatic life interruption, a broken heart, allows for our character, our brain, our personality to change.

Therefore for our needs, dreams, wants and aspirations to shift.

And ultimately for our whole world to be viewed and interacted at a whole new level of existence.

Just like the discovery of the 25th particle, I believe that we will scientifically discover that loss creates an equilibrium within which changes everyone and everything.

And not for the worst, but for the better.

But before we discover the positive magnitude of loss, we first have to be told the negative affect that prolonged grief gives us.

Three finance professors tracked the performance of 75, 000 Danish companies in the 2 years before and after the CEO had experienced a family death.
And here is what they found.

Financial performance declined 20% after the loss of a child, 15% after the death of a spouse, and almost 10% after the loss of any other family member.

But here is where it gets unexpected.

The brain images of people who are grieving, showed us that there was increased activity in specific areas. Which include memory, perception, conceptualization and even the regulation of the heart, and the digestive system.

And here is the most important part of the study.

If the bereaved dwelled on the loss for a prolonged period of time, the stronger and more developed those neural pathways became. In other words. The more grief was experienced the less healthy we become.

I can’t wait for the day when brain scientists will look at my Re-entry model and call it a life saver and a pathway towards increased memory, increased productivity, and above all health, health for all. I based the Re-entry model on brain science before any of these studies where more common knowledge. Before the world was ready to question the healthy aspect of grieving.

I stand before you with guts, belief and tremendous passion to help you build strong maps inside your brain, which will lead you back to your dreams. Back to life and away from a prolonged grieving process that promises to heal you by re-enacting the loss.

My Hibbs boson has not yet arrived but I hope you believe that grief is meant to be experienced fully but not forever.

As it stops our hard earned evolution.

Loss is real and non negotiable.

But re-entry to life after loss is the part that our world has missed .

I believe that the future will give you the proof that you need to believe in your own healing through action, shifts, and true steps towards life.

Hibbs boson was a theory, now is the truth.

Believe in the work of science. Believe in your own brain’s ability to guide you back to your life. Without you, we will never discover our true capability.

Grief is needed. But not without life by her side.

With Higgs Boson and science,