Your beautiful heart has suffered for so long.

It has been broken into so many pieces over and over again.

You have been betrayed, forgotten, ignored and even pushed to the side. 

Life has definitely beaten up this amazing heart that lives inside of you.

Unfortunately, most of us believe that the hurt is invisible and lives secretly within us.

That is a myth. 

Sorrow is a real and visible thing.

And no, it does not only show up when we cry tears.

Or when we look depressed and go quiet.

Sorrow takes over our cells, our DNA.

Sorrow is worse than cancer, or any other deadly disease out there. 

Did you know that your body will destroy itself if you have been hurting for a long time?

It will start from your heart, and it will break it to pieces.

I know this sounds rather dramatic and too intense but it is the truth.

I want you to know the truth so that you can start taking action toward your healing. You deserve a long and beautiful life.

Hurt is invisible to the naked eye, nonexistent to your MD and insignificant to the governments of the world.

Nobody cares about something that they cannot visibly see. 

Our presidents do not add it to their agenda.

You will not hear them say in a speech:

“During my presidency, I will decrease pain and sorrow from the people’s hearts by 50%.” 

Our leaders do not acknowledge that without a healthy heart there is no productivity, no innovation and no abundance.

Even though most of our presidents have suffered from many a broken heart and they have been through many deaths and losses, they also live in a made-up world of politics and numbers. We simply don’t believe in what we cannot see without the naked eye.

But it is a fact that when we are emotionally hurting we can actually destroy our health and ultimately, our very lives.

I want to teach you something that will allow you to get your life force back.

You can have both your past and your future

I believe in creating the perfect balancing act between your past and your future.

I want to ask you to stand both in the shadow of your past and the brilliance of your future.

I want to help all seven billion of you to be able to walk in and out of both of these worlds with more ease and less hurt.

We are the warriors of our past and the rebels of the future.

We not only have what it takes to step from sadness to happiness, but we also have the ability to create a paradise that we never even dared to dream of before. Like life.

However, we are willing to kill our broken heart from staying angry, bitter and anxious before we try to heal it.

And as I have said before, we become masters of our loss; not of our life.

And all because change is not easy.

We fight to hold on.

We fight to let go.

Even though we can learn to remember our past without leaving it, we resist the change. We resist what is good for us.

If you looked underneath your feet you would find a big launch pad.

The launch pad is activated when we’ve had enough of waiting for something better to come along. It is activated when we figure out that there is only one way to live life. IN LOVE.

In love with ourselves first and foremost.

When we start to love ourselves we also start to devote time to our dreams! It takes patience, focus and perseverance to even dream.

Happiness lives inside of us and it is not controlled by circumstances. It is controlled by both our brain and our fear center.

There is a hero living inside of you. The question is, are you willing to bring this hero out?

You are? Great! Now the question is: HOW?

Start by letting go of your ego and its attachments. And start to contribute and live from a place of compassion for the world around you.

This is just one step of many. The Re-Entry process is multifaceted and it requires your whole self. 

Are you ready to give yourself to life? 

To your Re-Entry?


PS. I dare you to work with me. I dare you to let go of your past and ask to stand in the brilliance of your future.

Work with me!

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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