A moment in time changed everything in the lives of the families of the victims of the Aurora shooting.

The world cried for them.

I cried for them too.

When youth gets hit, grief is so large and imminent.

When innocence is the target the world puts its arms around to protect.

Fire, guns, smoke, fear and pain.


Our hearts wanted to leap out of our bodies and save them all.

Humanity rose to the sky.

Love was felt.

Expressed from the depths of our souls.

What we all experienced collectively was our oneness.

Sorrow for someone else.

Is sorrow for us.

We became their parents.

Their friends.

We felt like we knew them.

Even if we didn’t.

You see, grief is a universal feeling.

Just like love is.

The two always go hand in hand.

Otherwise healing can never ever take place.

The good news is that the families of this tragedy are receiving everything they need to heal.

They have been surrounded by the world.

By US.


Now imagine loss that takes place without this amazing outreach.

Without the love surrounding us.

Without the collective embrace.

This is what happens to millions of people but without the TV broadcasting their pain.

I am talking about you.

You may not have had someone you love die in that theatre but you have lost someone in your life.

And you did not receive the support and attention your grief needed to heal.

Others did not write you letters of love and support.

Nobody prayed for your healing.

There were no resources, tools and next steps offered to you.

Just because your loss did not get broadcasted across the nation it is not less painful and less important.

The tough truth is, that we have all experienced an Aurora shooting at some point in our lives.

We just did not tell the world about it.

The very first step is to tell the world about your grief, about your story.

It needs to be expressed, told and shared.

Will you reach out to someone today and tell them about it?

Your soul is here to connect with other souls.

Especially when it is experiencing sorrow.

That is your soul’s voice speaking…

Let it be heard. 

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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