You are born from your story of loss.

Every cell in your body changes.

Because of that river of life that runs through you.

Yes I am talking about your tears.

The tears you cried.

Or held back.

Let them go.


They will change your life.

Your soul.

Your destiny.

Tears are meant to be cried.

When you feel like your heart is broken,

and your throat is all choked up

let those tears travel out of you.

Wherever you are, who ever is there,

don’t let anyone stop the river of life..

Humans cry.

And you are human.

Have you ever noticed the magic of our ability to create water through our eyes?

Or did you take for granted the ability to cry?

Your heart feels, your cells react and the eyes open to the


Through the generation of this river.

This river is here to cleanse your sorrows.

To get you stronger.

To evolve your soul.


Our humanity hears its name when we cry.

Our earth feels its heartbeat when the river runs through us.

Don’t stop the river.

As it will mean the end of our evolution.

My tears gave birth to Second Firsts,

To a new love.

To courage.




Tears bridge the gap between grief and life.

Without the bridge life cannot be reached.

So next time you try to stop your tears, remember.

It is your bridge to your evolution.

To your life.

To your rebirth.

Let the river run through you.

You are human, and you need your humanity to grow.


I love you.

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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