Life is a heartache.

I can’t deny it to you.

Life will break your heart. But life will mend your heart over and over again.

And then break it for the second and third and fourth time.

Break. Mend.

Break. Mend.


Unfortunately. There are times that Mending does not follow Breaking. Sometimes for quite some time. And yes, there are times that mending never happens.

Not because it can’t, but because broken hearts can live forever in a broken state.

When a broken heart continues to beat for a prolonged period of time without any mending taking place, the heart can’t evolve.

It can’t participate.

It can’t contribute.

It can’t be compassionate.

It can’t love authentically.

It can’t believe. It can’t create.

Most broken hearts that have been broken for quite some time believe that they cannot reconstruct themselves.

They believe that they have lost the capacity to mend.

So today because it is a special day for me.

I want to talk to all the broken hearts that forgot they had the ability to mend themselves.



Today six years ago my heart broke into a billion pieces.

My husband took his last breath.

My heart really never thought it was possible to put that same heart together again.

Too many pieces to bring back, too many pieces could never be found.

What kind of heart would that be, with missing pieces?

So my heart went on a journey to mend itself in search of all the missing pieces.

During this journey I discovered a different meaning of mending a broken heart.

Mending is the ability to re-enter life with a broken heart while it is getting fixed along the way towards the new life.

Mending does not mean that the heart will be as good as new.

But that it can play again.

Love again.

Act again.

Speak the truth again.

Feel again.

Laugh again.

That is when mending is complete.

Most pieces will not be found.


They will always be scattered across the Universe.

So the heart will have to give birth to new pieces.

Similar to the ones that have been lost but also different since they could never be replaced.

These new pieces are stronger, younger and wiser.

They know they have been brought in to mend the heart.

But they also know they are here to teach the old parts of the heart to start over.

Will you let your heart look for the new pieces it needs so it can re-enter life once again.



“In memory of my husband who died of colon cancer 6 years ago today. Thank you for always believing in my ability to mend my broken heart.”

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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