“Stop swimming with the sharks…Christina…

I heard myself say the other day.

Go find the dolphins….

The voice continued.

“You might have to find a different ocean to call home. 

But there is more than one sea, 

and more than one way to swim.” 

What was that I thought?

Me swimming with sharks?


d2ce478fe88459e6f40fe4d87ee9c510But then I started to look closer and closer and started to see something I had never seen before.

Not only was I swimming with sharks but the longer I stayed the more shark like I was becoming.

But how do we give up our ocean?

How do we find somewhere else to swim?

These waters have taught us everything we have ever known.

These sharks are our brothers and sisters.

You see, we are born in one ocean and we learn to swim there.

As time goes by we find out that our ocean is not the only one.

But the fish we know is better than the fish we don’t.

So we stay.

And we really shouldn’t.

But how do we start paddling away?

How do we leave our ocean?

There is only one way that I can see.

And that is the rebellious way. 

We have to rebel towards the life we subconsciously built. (Click to Tweet!)

Towards all the things we don’t like to have in our house, but we have because they are a part of the ocean we live in.

Towards the relationships we have and we don’t like.

And if you think its too late to be a rebel, well that is what I think about that:

It is never too late to be a rebel. 

In fact the older we are the more rules we will dare break. 

And we will brake them with such wisdom and such perfection that we will find ourselves swimming with the dolphins before we know it.

The dolphins in our life are the people who make everything seem easier.

The people who just get who we are without us having to say anything.

The people who can laugh when we laugh, and cry when we cry.

These are the people we were always meant to be with.

And just because we were taught to swim with the sharks it does not mean that we can’t swim with the dolphins going forward.

I don’t know about you but I have felt very rebellious lately, and the more shark like the people around me behave, the more rebellious I get.

The more dolphins I find. 

Here’s to new waters.