When I was writing my book I said to myself I am either going to help people come back from the world of sadness or the world will think I am completely crazy.

I knew that my ideas were a little outside of the norm and I knew I was risking a lot when I started sharing them first with my clients, then with groups of people and now with my upcoming new book.

Today I will introduce you to someone who has been living within you for a very long time.

Today I will let you see a part of you that you have not really seen from this vantage point.

This someone is such a big part of you that you don’t even know he is there and rooming with you.

He has found a way to mirror your voice, your thoughts and your subconscious mind so much, that you don’t even know of his existence.

He won’t like this Message in a bottle.

He actually does not like me at all especially when I get him out of his long term hiding place.

So my dear friend let me introduce you to the part of you that I call The Survivor.

The part of you that has kept you safe and protected from new life experiences.

This part of you tells you to be afraid of certain new people, new jobs, new relationships and new ways of thinking.

And no he is not doing this because he does not like you.

He is doing this because he loves you and wants to keep you safe and inside a beautiful fort where you get more and more comfortable with the life you have.

This life does not require you to take new risks or take any chances.


The survivor has made sure to tell you that if you tried to live, laugh and love again you might get hurt big time. So why bother?

Your survivor is very protective of you unlike anyone you have in your life. Today I have a favor to ask you.

And unfortunately it is a big one.

I am going to ask you to send your survivor on vacation.

You need a break from surviving.

You need a break from being protected from the new life you so deserve.

And you need a break from the comfort of your life which allows mediocracy to rule your mind.

Since when having an average life, getting through the day and surviving is good enough?

When did Survivor walk into your life for the first time.

Do you remember when that was?









If you do….try to think of who you were before that day.

This is the part of you, you have forgotten.

This is the part of you Survivor wants you to forget and just live with him.

Do you see now why I am asking you to send him on vacation?

So where will he go?

I have asked this question thousands of times…and most people are sending their Survivor to a tropical island.

You see I understand that you love that part of you so much.

After all he has kept you safe from any future heartbreaks.

But he has also kept you safe from any future success and love.

Are you ready to take a break from him?

If you are… share with me here where you are going to send your survivor and once you do… how does it feel to not hear his thoughts of fear repeating over and over again?

With freedom,


PS. If you want to find out who moves in once your survivor moves out, pre-order my book here and let the fun begin.