I know there are days in your life that can feel not only
suffocating but also very unexpected.

The sea is calm and welcoming and you think it’s ok to dive in but
as you are swimming in the big blue ocean……there it comes. It grabs you and throws you around so much that you won’t even consider going in the blue waters ever again.

You must be prepared for the next time that massive menacing wave
comes and hits your shore. So this is what you need to do.

Plan ahead. It’s up to you when you want to go back in.
Wear your life vest by remembering what you are made of.
Walk in the water as if you mean it. If someone was watching you
they would see a person ready for Life.

And if the wave comes….meet it where it’s at.
Put your arms up in the air and leap.

When you open your eyes you might find that the wave is gone and
you are still swimming in the blue ocean of life.

Will you try?