I woke up one morning last week and the insane drive, the impossible mission to heal the world was not there.

Don’t worry I am not going anywhere. But I want to share this shift so it can help you in your life.

Let me give you a glimpse of what my drive has been like all these years.

Every thought, every step and every action in my life had to do with finding ways to improve someone’s life.

Everything I looked at, whether it was the sunrise, the ocean, a sad movie… everything had to do with a new inspired thought which you got to read on my Facebook page.

It was all about you, and I loved working for you and for your life.

But somewhere in the midst of passion and love for my mission I lost my own life.

My relationship with you became the most important one and I forgot that I needed inspiration for my own SELF.

You see, prior to meeting you I had worked so hard to get my life back and I was so grateful to have joy again.

And every ounce of me went to you because you didn’t yet have what I had.

I wanted you to be happy too.

Your pain, your sorrow and loss drove me.

It drove me so fast that I lived in a vortex of action and work for years.

Over the Christmas vacation I sat down with myself and asked my dreams to tell me the truth.

And the answer surprised me.

My dreams had nothing to do with my mission to help the world heal.

My dreams told me I needed to paint more.

My dreams were mad at me for forgetting about them.

My personal dreams did not include New York Time bestsellers, or speaking on big stages, or writing a million self help books.

My dreams wanted me to grab my paintbrush and paint.

My dreams wanted me to sleep in.

Do yoga.

Go to the movies during the day.

Laugh out loud.

Renovate my house.

Find a cool reclaimed door for my office.

Write fiction.

Paint some more.

I cried.

I didn’t know how I could possibly take care of my dreams and still do the work I was called to do.

How do you put yourself first when you have such a big responsibility in another part of your life?

And then one morning it kind of happened.

My drive was just no longer there.

The insane pace and action vanished from my body.

I still sat at my desk.

I still wrote to you.

I still took care of the work.

And you know what…. it felt easier.

It felt like the speed and need to prove something was no longer there.

What was left was just love for you.

And this is where I am writing to you from.

This work no longer takes over my body and mind.

I know that you have a similar responsibility in your life. Something that has completely taken you over so much that you have forgotten about your own needs and wants.

It could be your kids, your job, your older parents, or being the person who does everything for everyone else. I want to ask you this question today:

How long has it been since you looked out for yourself?
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That’s all I want from you today. Just you asking this question and seeing what you get.

Please share here.

With joy,


Image courtesy of RozArt.