When you hear these words, “Just let go,” do you feel a tightness in your stomach? Does your body start to close down and hold on to whatever it is you want to let go of even more?

I can relate. For years, when I heard this, all I wanted to do was push back harder. It pushed a button and lit me up. It also led me to ask questions about letting go. What it really means to me, and why it seems so hard.

When I learned the art of letting go.

I was in my teens when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was diagnosed on Thanksgiving, and passed away right before Christmas. All my feelings were bundled up in knots, like a ball of string. I was angry at God, and myself – and her.

I held tight to my anger and when anyone said to me, “Just let go,” I just held on tighter. The night before she passed, I knew it was her last night on earth in her body.

She was not talking because she was dosed up on meds. But her eyes were screaming, her soul was more alive than ever, it was her time to let go of her body. I was face to face with my fear of letting go, and slowly began to realize it was a process – while I witnessed life having its last breaths in my mother’s body.

I began to see her slowly releasing each breath. She became calmer, more at peace, and I felt that way too. That night, we had the deepest conversation of our relationship, without any words. It was all heart, soul, and energy.

The next morning the phone rang – she was no longer in the body. She passed onto another place, and this was where my spirituality was born. I noticed there were steps that had to happen before letting go. This was life changing and allowed me to be able to work through letting go and loss, in a safer and sweeter way.

From the loss of my mother came a new world, and a new relationship to letting go that I’m sharing with you today.

Why letting go is hard to do…. it’s because it’s sudden.

It turns on our fight or flight response and we hold on tighter. Think about being on monkey bars in a playground and someone says, “Let go” – your grip gets tighter.

When you give yourself permission to release, soften the grip first (like my mother did with each of her last breaths), it’s easier to then let go. The part that most people are missing is the step before letting go. This is where we all can bring in more ease, peace, and release the fear of losing or getting hurt.

When we give ourselves permission, everything becomes easier. @hillaryrubin (Click to Tweet!)

Let’s do some housekeeping so you can clear up what it is you want to let go of, and what you want to create instead.

We are trained to ask permission. As children, this keeps us safe. As we grow into young adults, we rebel and feel some push back. Then we shut down and wait for the permission to come from outside ourselves.

Where are you holding on to tighter because of fear, or waiting for permission?

We talk ourselves into a corner, but we can use these same words and reframe them to become a permission statement.

It’s not our fault, it just is. We can release the need for outside permission and give it to ourselves. We can take the steps that feed our soul to create the the life we want in the face of whatever we meet in life.

Take whatever you are waiting to let go of and give yourself permission to release it so you can create what you want instead.

Now, let’s create Your Permission Statement.

Fill in the script below for what it is you want to let go of, release, and what you want to create instead.

I give myself permission to release (whatever you want to let go of) and take ownership of my (whatever you want ownership of). Every day it gets easier for me to take baby steps towards (whatever it is you want to create instead). I am enough and trust the Universe has my back. And so it is…

Now, step into the power of releasing and enjoy owning your blessed life.

Say your Permission Statement every day out loud with enthusiasm while looking in the mirror to get the best results. (Even if you feel awkward, it will work.)

Now it’s time to own this. Let’s do this together…

In the comments, share your permission statement and tell us how it feels to give yourself permission.

HR_HeadshotHillary Rubin, spiritual life and business coach and creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach training program, helps women around the world create lasting change to live a more soul-fulfilling life. She’s been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Yoga Journal and DailyWorth.com

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