I believe in love.

I believe that love enriches and empowers and creates and morphs mere humans into magnificent beings.

I believe that life dares us and bids us, at our best and our worst, to open our hearts to love.

I believe that life challenges us, through strife and perplexity and awkwardness, to continue loving in the face of all that it throws at us.

I believe that life entreats us and whispers to us…allow, yield, concede, open, persevere,

In spite of and because of…

Love. Just love.

Because love makes living worth…living.

Love will, and does, always, as it shifts and slides in subtle and magnificent fashion, from present to future to muted past,

Demand its own lofty price,

As love morphs into dimensions not of this world.

Oh, but love…love, my love, all love, and the reckoning we who love, face…

The reckoning we bear…

Yes, well worth the cost to our hearts…

My heart flaunts a colorful stamp that loudly and fiercely proclaims…PAID IN FULL

Loving you, my beloved, was worth all that is my now.

Love, in our time, was strong and viable and tangible.

It remains so, though you are gone from me.

I will always and emphatically profess to the compelling beauty of love found
love lived

Even…maybe…love lost,

Perhaps, on some yet uncharted plain, found again.

I believe in the paramount power of love

To transform, lighten, brighten, stun, envelop, wrap, enfold,

One life, two lives, the lives of millions

The lives of many and all.

I believe in the power of love to carry me through hellfire.

Carry us through this burning inferno.

Through grief

Through life again.

Love lived and spoken,

Transcends all lives,

Love, lived, grows and sharpens and softens and compels.

Love is, ultimately, our most spectacular power.

Carry it faithfully.

Alison Miller best describes herself as a kick ass, unsure, determined, uncertain, full of spit and grit, woman who is a widow and a life force to be reckoned with. After her beloved husband’s death, she bought a T@b Teardrop trailer, painted it pink to match her car and set off across country on an Odyssey of Love. Early on, her Odyssey was about fulfilling Chuck’s wishes. It grew and became about honoring widow/ers around the country. And then grew again and became about celebrating Love. Because Chuck left her a Universe filled with Love when he left. And THAT is what fuels her every day


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