I was writing a different Message in a Bottle yesterday, getting it ready for you all and in the midst of it, one of our beloved members of our Life Starter community passed away very unexpectedly.

I have been crying ever since.

You see, Erin had come to us years ago during one of our very first classes. She had so many struggles, but no matter what was going on in her life she found the time and the strength to greet every person in our community.

Every morning and every night she would write an inspirational note and post it.

And I mean every single day without a miss.

She was a very talented woman. She was an artist and a writer, but she never really knew how special she was.

She never knew she was truly an original.

She couldn’t see her own light, how she sparkled joy everywhere.

How her paintings were so incredible.

How she was smart and articulate and so full of charisma.

If only she could know.

If only she could see her own gifts.

I am sharing this with you because that is one of the things that was brought up on our live gathering to remember Erin.

That she didn’t know how amazing she was.

That she didn’t know how deeply she was loved.

And did we do enough to show her?

Did we help enough? Were we there enough?

The questions we all ask after someone we love passes.

Did we do enough? Did we do enough?

That question lingers.

Then… did they know I loved them?

Did they know how much I loved them?

Was I there enough?

And we can’t go back to show them.

We can’t go back to tell them.

I know Erin would be happy that her life is inspiring my message to you today.

She read the Message in a Bottle every single week for years, and I hope she can read this too from wherever she is.

Your homework for today is to make a list of all the amazing things about yourself and read them out loud.

Own your gifts. Own your light. Own your charisma. Click to Tweet!

Then once you do that go to the people you love and tell them how much their gifts and their light have impacted your life.

How much they mean to you.

How much your life has been changed because they are in it.

Two things: 1. See your own light. 2. Then go tell someone special in your life that you see their light.

And Erin if you are reading this please know that your life inspired us all.

I will never forget how much passion you had for everyone around you.

How much love you always shared in everyone’s posts.

How you showed up every day no matter your physical and financial obstacles.

How your paintings hang on our walls and make our homes very beautiful.

How your passion for animals opened our hearts even more.

And, as for me personally, Erin I will never ever forget your dreams. And, in my mind, I will make them all come true for you. Your legacy and your memory will inspire many people in the years to come. Rest in peace and fly free my dear Erin.

With love,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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