I have a confession to make.

I am not very religious.

I do believe in a higher power but I don’t pray very often.

So, you should be as surprised as I am that I am writing about prayer today.

You see, I pray for beloved friends when they are going through a difficult time.

I prayed daily for my husband the years before his passing.

I pray for someone when they need prayers.

But I don’t pray every day.

And I don’t pray for myself.

I want to pray more in 2016.

When I do pray it feels like a divine experience.

Almost like a big ladder is constructed right before my eyes and it connects me to a greater force.

No, this is not a religious post.

It is about our ability to connect to an invisible power that belongs to us all.

Our brain changes for the better when we pray. (Click to Tweet!)

I know this is not the reason why many people pray but it does have a tremendous impact on our brain.

Scientists have found that the brains of people who spend many hours in prayer and meditation are different.

These mystical feelings, the moments when we are able to move beyond our own reality, that is when the physiology of the brain changes.

It changes for the better.

It creates a oneness with the universe, God, a collective force.

During those peak moments when we spend time praying we experience something beyond our life here.

Beyond our loss.

Beyond our problems and routines.

We lose our sense of self.

And we gain the universe.

I trust that every week the Message I write to you is connected with something that is happening in your life.

It is the message you need to read.

So your message for this week is prayer.

Your homework is to pray tonight and see how it feels to have that connection with a higher power. And if you already pray….how has prayer helped you?

With love,