Where should I start from? 

Where does the beginning sit in a new story? 

Is the beginning at the start of the new experience, or at the end of it. 

I have been away inside new adventures for the last few weeks. 

I swam in turquoise waters in Greece. 

I witnessed a rocket blasting off to space at Cape Canaveral with a friend inside of it. 

My eyes going from one world to another, adjusting to the new view. 

Something happens when you change reality dramatically. 

Where nothing is left the same. 

People. Places. Streets. Words. You. 


All speaking a new language. 

Your inner compass becomes turbulent. Until it stabilizes.

But the beginning is not here yet. I can’t find it. 

The beginning is not inside the adventure. I looked. 

Maybe there will never be a beginning to think about again, because I will not need to begin again. 

Is that possible even? 

We seek new beginnings because wherever we are, is no longer needed, wanted, chosen. But what if you made your life exist inside many realities, where you leap from one to another. A new beginning would become irrelevant. 

Wouldn’t it?

Loss would be minimized. 

Love would become everything, everywhere, everyone. 

You won’t have time to not love, as something new will always show up ready to be loved by you. 

In the last few weeks I met people from all over the world, living lives I have never seen before. 

Wanting things I have never wanted, because I didn’t know they existed. 

Living in a singular world creates immense loss. 

I am just realizing that a monogamous relationship with life is not healthy. 

We have created the concept of a new beginning because living a linear existence meant that we had to end one world to begin another. 

What if we don’t have to? 

What if we exist in many streets, and homes, and places, and most importantly inside many stories. All at the same time. 

I don’t want to end my adventures. 

I don’t want to begin anything else. 

I just want to continue whatever this is. 

Because this right here, feels like coming home. 


With no beginnings, and no endings,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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