Expanding essence,

settling spirit,

vibrating vitality

–a trilogy of wellness.

Even with these truths aboard,

sadness sometimes

seeps to the surface,

quietly gathers

for acknowledgment.

For it is also true,

real, and right.

Like morning dew on

leaves and grasses,

stale sorrows bead and adhere

until a being notices,

allows them to vaporize

or entwine with

restoration and revival.

Mourning dew,

warmed by

mourning light.

A gentle,

beneficial aspect

of the continued

honoring of the

veracity of grief.


As we all do, Sarah Carlson has many pieces to her whole. Those pieces include: mother, teacher, daughter, friend, widow, sister, skier, bicyclist, hiker, coach, drummer, and poet. Sarah lives in the western foothills of Maine where opportunities to make connections amid the splendor of the rivers, lakes and mountains are plentiful. She began writing and combining her poetry with photographs of her experiences in the natural world as part of healing from the sudden loss of her husband, Barry.  Sarah posts her poetry and photography on her blog and her book, The Radiance of Change, is available here.

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