Your heart breaks. Again.

Even though you didn’t know it could.

It didn’t break in a new place but on top of the old break.

A break on top of a crack.

Which can no longer be contained.

Your heart breaks into billions of pieces.

Scattered everywhere.

The pieces are small, tiny.

Never to be back together again.

When a heartbreak happens inside a heart that has not had time to heal from the previous break it hurts like hell.

It hurts like birth does.

It twists and moves like a tornado.

The floor can’t even feel good.

But you lay there.

Waiting for the twists to stop.

For this new break to go away.

But it hurts too much for it to be denied.

You dance with it.

On the floor.
With some wine.

Vodka. And some junk food even.

But let’s find a new way to mend, shall we?

I am going to show you something.

When the pieces are scattered so far away from each other your heart is no longer just a heart.

It is a heart of a God.

Have you ever spent time thinking about the heart of a God?

It knows the worst pain.

It knows pain from many lifetimes.

It roars in the darkness from the memory of all the heartbreaks.

And when it roars its sound brings back all the scattered pieces.

Hovering in mid-air about to start the mending process.

When all the pieces remember how to come back together, they do so in unison.

They find their way back to their place.

And the heart is back together again.

This heart is not your typical heart.

This heart can take a lot of dismantling and mending.

Infinite amounts. It’s unbreakable.

This is the heart you have inside of you now.

It may feel like it is made of steel but it isn’t.

It’s made of love.

It’s made of all the love you felt and lost.

It is made of pure roar.

And the time will come when your heart will love again.

But this time you will remember that nothing can break you.

Dismantle you. Destroy you.

And wine, vodka and junk food can’t put you together.

Because you have the heart of a God roaring inside your chest looking for love.

Many times.

For infinity.

For all the loves its lost and all the loves still to lose.

Now you remember.
You remember.
You are here to love many times. (Click to Tweet!)

With a roaring heart,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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