If it was a scene in a movie when I lost my husband it would have looked like an atomic explosion.


It felt like that.

And it was inside the destruction that this feeling inside of me was born.

Let me tell you about this feeling.

It’s like a roaring fire.

A volcano that burns.

The explosion that took place 11 years stayed behind.

After the destruction ended the fire inside started to burn in a different way.

It became this thing that took me years to truly explain.

I honestly felt possessed sometimes.

I knew I was altered forever but didn’t know exactly what happened.

All of me had changed.

Every cell.

Every thought.

And every word that I expressed was coming out of that explosion.

At first, the words were not good.

The thoughts were also destructive.

The fire was not burning in a good way.

You could say the fire won the battle.

The explosion was so vast that I couldn’t win.

So I gave up fighting it.

I really did.

The fire continued to destroy me.

But somewhere down the road the fire became a flame.

I honestly don’t know for certain when that happened.

I think the universe gave me some help.

I know someone has been helping me.

God. The Universe. My guides.

They are the ones who turned the fire into the flame.

They saw something in that explosion.

I don’t exactly know what they saw but they gave me a bigger destiny.

Or they let me see my bigger destiny.

I think it was always there.

I know you have had an explosion in your life too.

And you might still be in destruction mode but I am here to let you know about the little flame.

The flame is under all of this.

Waiting for the right moment to show itself to you.

Your destiny is bigger than you imagined.

You and I were not born to just wake up and go to sleep.

We were born for so much more.

Listen to me. You have the capacity to take this tiny flame and light the whole world with it. (Click to Tweet!)

With flames of life,