Life Reentry® after loss is risky.

Yup, it is.

But it’s even riskier not doing so.

Regrets are tough.

Mistakes are easier.

We can learn from our mistakes but there is not much we can get out of regrets. (Click to Tweet!)

Please go out into the world.

Take small risks.

Give yourself back to life.

Every day.

And you know what? I tell myself the same thing.

Go out into the wild.

Go to places you don’t know the names of the streets.

Talk to people you just met.

Find new songs to sing.

Change your hair color. Completely.

Starting over is not a big project.

But these small tiny crazy ideas that put you out of the waiting room of loss.

My favorite wild thing has been to go from a complete brunette to a blonde.

My brain is having trouble understanding it though. Lol.

I look in the mirror and say to myself who are you now?

Change your physical appearance and have fun with it.

It is the easiest change to make.

If you cut your hair it will grow back.

If you change the color you can change it back.

Buy clothes that are not your normal style.

And see who you become when you wear them.

I bought some red summer shoes the other day.

There was the black pair and the red pair.

Comfort said ‘the black goes with everything.’

Life Reentry® said ‘the red means fun.’

Reentry happens thousands of times.

For thousands of reasons.

We don’t begin again just once.

But many times.

We need to become experts of choosing the red shoes.

Push the limits of yourself.

Find the weakest area of your life and push the wall of that waiting room out.

Do it with all your resources.

Hair. Clothes. Travel. Hobbies. People. Books.

All systems go.

With blonde hair and red shoes,


P.S. Any questions you have about Life Reentry® or anything you need to share please email here.

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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