I was always afraid to ask for things…and I never really knew why.

I was always good at asking for a lot of small things.

So it appeared that I always went for what I wanted.

Which was not true.

The big things that I wanted I did not dare to ask for.

And the rare times that I dared and the answer was NO, I was so heartbroken that the asking was not worth it anymore.

I remember one time in college I became friends with someone I really liked. He was so handsome, so smart and all the girls liked him.

One night as I was walking back to our class with him, I dared to believe that I was good enough for him.

I remember that walk so clearly that every step closer to our destination got my heart beating faster and faster.

There was an asking threshold that once you walk through then there is no turning back.

After all he was being so nice to me….and so I begun the sentence…

”I have something to tell you….”

There was no going back after that sentence was released from my bold and daring self (you see our daring side is always inside there)

Even before I finished my sentence, I saw it in his eyes…I saw his response before he even responded.

He didn’t feel the same way.

This may not have been a big deal for other people but for me it was devastating….

Sheer devastation…


Heart broken.

“You are not good enough”…my brain screamed at me.

I run up the big staircase and disappeared….and I did not ask for anything from anyone for a really long time.

But most of all I experienced this very intense increased feeling of unworthiness.

It appears that the more we ask the more we risk our perception of our worth.

So we stop asking.

The Impossible!
The Impossible!

And do you know what happens when we stop asking for the things we want?

We get much less than we deserve. 

But you see… we would rather decrease our own worthiness than give someone else the chance to do this to us.

So we devalue ourselves.

We tell ourselves we are not good enough to make the big ask.

So we become the naysayers.

We say no to ourselves more than others would.

Can you even believe that?

We are the ones who decide how worthy we are.

And let me tell you…after loss we ask even for even less than before.

Grief brings us into our most unworthy state.

We are doomed.

Unless you follow these rules I made for myself.

Read. Print. Use a magnet and hang on your fridge TODAY.

The 7 Golden Rules of Asking:

  1. Always ask for what you want. Believe in yourself enough to do the asking. Huge worthiness score on this.
  2. Before you ask strategize and use all your resources to make it happen. You will be surprised how many ways you can make your way in…
  3. Believe you should have it. If you don’t believe you should have it, then you should not have it.
  4. 4.     Replace “I could never pull this off” with “If anyone could pull this off its me.”
  5. Remember ….you truly have nothing to lose apart from your ego getting hit. But then again big egos are not very liked so it would do you some good if your ego got smaller. Worthiness does not mean having a big ego.
  6. You have been through the unimaginable so you can do the impossible. (This is my personal mantra, I used it to ask for my book endorsements from some pretty well known people, it worked…I even got a response from Tom Cruise’s agent. True story.)
  7. One day it will be too late and you will no longer be in a place of asking. Tomorrow won’t do. Asking should always take place today!

Now that you read the rules…what is it that you have not been asking for?

I want to hear it. And I want to see you raise your worthiness scale.

So are you worthy of this thing that you want?

If the answer is yes…then you know what you need to do. Comment below with your big ASK!


With a lot of asking lately,


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