When I sat down to write this blog, I pressed play on my itunes and chose “Walk” from Foo Fighters for inspiration.

I needed life’s beat to be swimming inside my veins when I was to write about life being interrupted.

I had to feel completely alive so I could truly send you a wave of energy, a jolt in your soul.


Sitting on my chair, feeling my hands on the key board and taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and ask.

How do we get ourselves back on to the path after an interruption.

After a heartbreak.

After a shift of our identity.

How do we re-enter?

How do we go on?

Life is known for injecting interruptions…

Shake ups.




Health crisis



and above all lots of fear injections.   

Life interruptions are full of fear. Full of panic. And what happens when we feel this way is that we build a fort around us, we install heavy locks, and go in hiding. 

In there we make our new home. We make our new life. We are no longer, adventurers, explorers and life starters. Instead we wake up every morning and we spend all day trying to unlock the double locked door.

Our hand is on the key and we turn it left and then



Left, right.

While at the same time we stand still. Frozen of what might happen when we open the door, when we go back out.

I know I locked myself up.

Even though everyone else saw me go to work, take care of my kids and stand on my own two feet after my husband died.

You see appearances of life can be deceiving.

Deceiving not only to others but to ourselves. It is hard to see the cell we have built around us. We can’t see our hand on the lock. We see ourselves trying to survive every day thinking we are doing our best. And we are. I did too.

But remember you are doing your best living life behind locked doors.

That is where life gets interrupted. In the new home we built. Nowhere else. 

So I invite you to get out.

Take my hand today, and let’s unlock the door together.

Turn the key left. Grab the door handle and push down. 

Take a step. And then another.

Now fear is going to jump in and tell you, you are not ready to start again. And you need to have your response ready. 

What do you need to tell the voice of fear?


Just in case you are not able to articulate the response, here is one I made for you. 

“Dear Fear, I know you are here to protect me because you want to keep me safe. 

I  know you worry about me because of all that has happened in my life. 

I know you can’t help yourself and you immediately come by my side when I take a new step. 

It is going to be ok. 

I am about to take one small step today.

So nothing to worry about.

I will keep my keys in my pocket and I will come home tonight. 

During my travels, I will love myself fully, I will care for my body and soul. And I will only speak to people who have a loving smile and want to help me. 

I just need to learn to walk again. 

And fear… I need to make you my friend, as I know there are no scary monsters on the other side of you. I know you are just trying to keep my heart away from all the hardships.”

Now my dear Christina I hope you are ready to take a step outside of your safe harbor and go out to plug in to the life you left behind after your life was interrupted. 

I need you to remember the step will have to be a small

one. So fear can step back in the beginning. 

Unless you really feel like fear is your new best friend and you want to try a LEAP of FAITH. 

Know that the keys to your safety are not going to be lost. 

Know that you belong with the stars and the moon. 

You fit in with the galaxy warriors and the heroes of the sky. Because of your loss, you have now entered the land of superhuman. 

Please don’t lock such a soul inside. It is meant to learn to fly. Fly up to the sky with all the other stars. 

With life, and first steps,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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