I got a little mad at life yesterday.

I didn’t tell anyone about it.

I was mad that we all get to suffer so much at some point or other.

No exceptions.

I was mad that we have to experience tragedy.

I was mad that some point…we will all get to sit next to a hospital bed holding someone’s hand while they are dying.

Everyone who has ever loved anyone, will experience losing them.


b1ee29c7d0b097561ebde414ec324374We will all have a moment of impact.

When we find out the news.

When we are told.

When it happens.

We will get hit. 

And it is not an arrow that pierces our heart.

It is a big knife. 

It is not a wound we can put a bandaid on it.

It is a big messy hole. 

And we go around with it.

Some people see it and say something to you.

Others see it and look away.

I find it kind of sad.

That we have to experience this.

So yesterday I asked myself…what keeps us here?

What keeps our heart wanting more life?

Why don’t we just give up since we know we are here to go through a lot of suffering.

And do you know what I got back as a response?


Our dreams keep us here.

The possibility of something special. 

When we are dreaming the wound heals. 

When we imagine a new life. The wound does not hurt so much. (Click to Tweet!)

And just for a few seconds we are no longer wounded…we are life starters on the way back to a life without suffering.

And in those moments of the dream there is no time, no end… just possibilities.

Whoever you are.

Wherever you are from… dreams are grand.

Dreams are bigger than life itself. 

While there we see our life not as a tragic story but as a story of conquests, mountain tops, love affairs and vast oceans.

We see a timeless life where we don’t die until we make those dreams come true.

And we strive. We build. We keep us here.

We keep us dreaming.

We keep us alive.

With so many dreams,


PS. Every Tuesday we will feature a Life Starter story on our Second Firsts website. I want to hear from you if you dreamed a dream after devastating loss and you kept going. Help me inspire more people to dream after loss by submitting your article here