When we are going through a loss we actually forget about living our life while we are transitioning.

All we think about is how to get through this transition as fast as possible.

The action of transitioning is not an action of experiencing, it is rather an action towards an end result and not a process of LIFE.

How we live our life while we are experiencing an emotionally painful transition, is the catalyst to re-acquiring control of our destiny.

And how we perceive ourselves while we are grieving will impact our long term healing.

It all boils down to, the relationship you have with who you are, and how you react to the storm while it is hitting your shore.

Here are some very important questions that you need to ask yourself every day during your life after a loss. Big or small.

Get your pen and paper out and jot the answers down.

3 Life ‘in transition’ questions

1. While I am experiencing loss and emotional trauma does my daily routine include taking care of ME?

2. During my day do I stop and experience life in 
the present tense, or do I keep going until I pass out from exhaustion at night?

3. Am I aware of transition’s 
automatic pilot setting? If yes, do I know how to get my life’s gear into manual? Automatic means sleep walking through your day, and manual means being awake during your transition. Which setting are you using?

Most of you are probably not even aware that there is a choice between ‘auto’ and ‘manual’ when it comes to life after loss.

And a lot of you probably feel guilty if you choose to put yourself first during a difficult transition.

And I am certain that every moment in your every day takes place either in the past remembering how it was, or in the future worrying about how it will be.

That is exactly how the Gap of Transition is being created.

I want to stop you from falling within that gap, once you find yourself in there it will be hard to get out and back to living.

The answers to these questions will inject Life into your transition so you can re-enter to the life you left behind.

Make sure you answer them with honesty and truth! And take a first step with your answers.

It is the key to getting back the passionate side of YOU!!

With love and awaiting your answers…


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