When I entered the world of grief, one thing that stood out was that every support group I came across was free but without offering any real support for the life ahead.

They Just listened.

That worked really well for awhile.

It was actually great, once a week I had somewhere to go, and people there understood my pain.

I was so grateful.

And of course it was free.

But as time went by I was done talking about my disastrous life.

I was done talking about how much I cried every night and how I passed out from exhaustion even before I put my baby girls to bed.

And I was done waking up every morning to the same day. Over and Over again.

I now wanted to know how to get out of it.

But that is when the world went silent.

The only statement I was offered was..”Christina be patient this takes time, only time heals.”

Oh I got so mad.

I was furious.

I was even bitter, and jealous of every happy family that I met.

I didn’t fit.

I was not included.

And I was spending every night alone.

Especially weekends.

Most people spend it with their family. And I was not a family. I was a unit of one single adult and 2 young children.

Living in the most conservative New England town I could live in.

I stood next to other moms at soccer practice, listening to the complaining about their house renovations, or that their husband travels too much!

I wondered, how could they think it was OK to share this with a widow.

And then it dawned on me. They had NO CLUE.

It wasn’t that they were disrespectful but in their busy life, they kind of forgot about my tragedy.

And after all, shouldn’t I know how to take care of myself and kids. I was trained as a grief therapist.

My dear readers and avid believers in my skills, methodology and passion to change the world of loss.

That is when everything changed for me.

Instead of waiting for a better word to come out of people’s mouths.

Or for a more skilled support group to be found.

Or for me to remember maybe something I had forgotten from grad school about the stages of grief.

I decided to create what I couldn’t find.


My training of life after loss.

My toolbox.

And make an amazing company that serves people after their loss.

So I could bring value back to the life that takes place after loss, after divorce, after a disastrous life.

We pay for fancy clothes, for sports, for cable TV, for cars, for toys, but how about investing our money to the journey back to a better life?

How about that?

If you have walked in my shoes.

If you have experienced the pain I have, and you want a tomorrow that is not like your yesterday, then I am glad you found us. And thankful to the hundreds of people who signed up today for our Re-Entry program.



With a lot of passion about your new beginning.


PS. Please spread my mission and my passion and share this blog with your friends and family.