When grief walked in to my life. I couldn’t see there was a cloud hanging over me every day and every night.

I had no one to tell me anything else but to “give it time”, and that is all I was asked to do.

And I sat and waited…but nothing changed!

My pain stayed right next to me.

It got up when I got up.

It went to be bed when I went to bed.

I tried running away and it chased me.

I tried to speak to it, and it did not listen.

But something started to change when I faced it, and I stopped waiting for things to get better, I stopped looking at the clock.

That is when my grief got surprised and did not know how to handle me.  That was the first time it stepped back when it could not keep up with my passion for life and my thirst for love.

It stumbled and fell, it got tired and out of breath.

But I kept going I had the upper hand all along and I did not know it.

Grief could not live without me, but I could live without grief.

From that day forward I decided to take action, and do as I please, I led Grief and it followed.

I laughed and grief cried.

I climbed the mountain ahead and grief started to get out breath, and out of touch. That is when my life started to change.

Now and again I look over my shoulder, I can still see grief, it lingers and it calls my name.

Sometimes I choose to ignore it but other times I turn around and let it catch up with me.

Its OK, to grieve. It’s OK to mourn, especially when you are ahead and grief is left behind.

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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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  • peggy says:

    Excellent. I am well aquainted with grief. Thanks for sharing.

  • ERIN says:

    Thank you for your beautiful quotes that help us get through the day.. I’m going to save this one and repeat it everyday til grief no longer invades my soul~

  • Cindy Mantai says:

    I can completely identify with this. I have had a lot of loss through the years, and for years I let the grief weigh me down and keep me in pain. With my most recent loss, however, I have decided to be proactive.

    First, I have learned that the only way to recover is THROUGH. If I try to go over, under, or around my pain then that means I’m not dealing with it and it will continue to lie and call to me from the past. Just like your metaphor about climbing up the mountain.

    Second, I realize that my energy is a force field that can draw to me either negativity or positivity. It’s all a matter of perspective – about myself, about my past, and about my future. I can stay stuck in grief, or I can feel my feelings while simultaneously moving forward in faith.

    Speaking of faith, that for me is the undercurrent of it all. I don’t believe my Higher Power wants me to suffer. I choose to suffer. When I step through each day in faith and believe I am being taken care of, then I am, and eventually the grief subsides.

    Thank you for this site, and for all that you do.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this experience. It was very well said and I can identify with what you stated. It is good to know we do not have to go through this alone. 🙂 God’s blessings on you.

  • Nancy says:

    I too will keep this for inspiration. Right now I am pretty much held onto by my grief, the pain is so deep, the loss so much more than I can bear. I long for the day when it no longer consumes me as much as it does today, when I can look behind and see it there and only let it catch up to me when I allow it to visit for awhile.

  • Antoinette Tremayne says:

    Grief consumes me all day and night it drowns me while I sleep I chocks me when I eat grief is who I am now that was beautiful thank you I will start to try to make grief not live because its time for me to live god bless thanks so much

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