In order to move forward we must have a sense of the true reality that is in place and not the reality that our brain thinks is there.

You probably think I am a little crazy right now, but keep reading. It will all make sense, I promise.

We have to start from scratch, from the basics and from where you are standing right about now.

Most people who are experiencing grief will absolutely see themselves through the lenses of their loss. They become their loss and they become their sorrow.

They only look at their present and their future through those lenses.

Is that YOU?

Be honest so we can truly work on this.

In order to become more objective of YOUR MIND you will have to understand that your brain has created ‘maps’, and these maps are actually deciding how much you need to suffer for your loss.

Now if you want your life to be decided on your terms, then you take a step back and you become the watcher. You become the true participant and the one who can see their grief as an event and not as their whole life.

Somehow your awareness of yourself as a separate part of your grief can allow for  self soothing to be part of your healing.

If you could actually take that step back and look at yourself, hear your thoughts, and feel your emotions what advice would you offer?

With Love and persistence.


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