Something Is Coming

I have always known when something was about to change in my life. 

Sometimes I would know it for years beforehand. 

I would tell people I know something is coming. 

Something is coming. 

The change itself was invisible. 

I felt the enormity of it. 

But there were no signs of what exactly was coming. 

Just that everything was going to change. 

If you were to time travel to my childhood in Greece you could have never predicted what would come next. 

Or if you flew on top of my work cubicle in 2010, you would not be able to see the books I would get to write. 

No signs of the future. 

Just a knowing. 

An unmistakable knowing. 

And now a new one is getting closer. 

I feel it. I know it. 

Just like I knew the others were near. 

I do think you too can sense change in your life. 

You too have this strong feeling of knowing something is arriving. 

A change in the air. 

A shift in the way you are breathing. 

And if you sit still and really listen you may even hear it. 

It is almost like white noise. 

A new frequency that goes over the one you are in right now. 

And if you are reading this and thinking but Christina, I can’t hear the white noise, or sense anything coming. 

Look for your version of subtle. 

Your version of how you know something is here that cannot be seen. 

After all, sixth sense is not just a number. 

It is the eyes of the future and the knower of what is ahead. 

Don’t be afraid of knowing. 

I know change of this size can feel overwhelming. 

But it wouldn’t be coming for you if it did not belong to you. 

That is exactly what I whisper to myself just before I go to sleep. 

However big this change is. 

Whatever grief it will bring on my way out the door. 

It is part of a new world that was built for me and only me. 

And I will be there to meet it. 

I know you will too. 


With a new chapter approaching,


P.S. I hope the Dear Life podcast is keeping you company as you are reentering life.

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Safe Worlds

I have a few favorite movies I watch over and over again. 

They are my safe worlds. 

I go to them when a day has been hard.

I put them on and sit to watch as if for the very first time. 

My brain rests while entering a familiar world, witnessing someone else’s life. 

Crying about someone else’s loss. 

And why we must allow ourselves inside these safe worlds. 

We must give ourselves a break from our own.

When my husband died, my dad took me to the store and he purchased the biggest TV we could fit in the car. 

One third of it was sticking out as we were driving home. 

I remember I spent the first few months watching Grey’s Anatomy after I put the girls to bed. 

For an hour or two I was immersed inside someone else’s tragedy.

That gave me a breather from my own grief. 

In the last few years I have watched The Time Traveler’s Wife at least 20 times. 

For those of you who have watched it, you know how the wife in the movie, is able to see her husband after he has passed. And for that one moment we lose ourselves in their reunion. 

As they run across the field to embrace each other before he disappears again, we imagine ourselves being the ones running. 

We are the ones reuniting. 

No matter how many times I watch that part, I stop everything I am doing and sit still so I won’t miss anything. 

I am inside a timeless existence while it plays. 

Interstellar is another movie I have watched countless times. 

And it is not because it has to do with space, but because it has to do with grief. 

Specifically grief experienced outside of time. 

They lose decades of the lives of their loved ones back on earth. 

For them though, it has only been hours. 

During those scenes, the way grief is captured is so poignant. 

I know you have a favorite movie too. 

Maybe tonight, after a long week you put your feet up and let yourself escape inside the safe world of the familiar. 

Inside a world you can be a part of, without having to risk anything or lose anyone.

After all, true healing lives inside stories, fictional or not. 

It is the only place we can truly witness our own journey. (Click to tweet!)


With many safe worlds, 


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Don't You Give Up

Sometimes it will feel as if nothing makes sense. 

Nothing at all. 

You can’t fathom why bad things happen to you.

Even though you try. 

You did everything you could to change the course of your life. 

You ran when you were supposed to run. 

You climbed when the hill appeared in front of you. 

You crawled when the ceiling was falling on you. 

You swam in the deepest oceans as if it was shallow waters. 

You worked hard day in and day out. 

You were a good person. 

A really good person. 

You cared about the people around you. 

You always left a room better than you found it. 

You were that person who just made everyone feel better about themselves. 

You gave food to the hungry, money to the poor. 

You opened the doors to those who couldn’t. 

You helped the ones who never asked for help. 

And yet you were told NO for the things you wanted most in life. 

I know you want to give up

You want to stop believing in the goodness. 

But I won’t let you. 

I know it doesn’t make any sense to keep trying. To keep believing. 

When will your turn be?

But the Universe rarely works logically. 

Just because you give, you work, you try it doesn’t mean you automatically get. 

Just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean your love protects them from an illness, from an accident, from the end of their life. 

It just means they are loved while they are sick, or in danger and that my friend is everything.

And in the same way, loving life even when it is hard to love is all there is to it. 

That is it. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Just loving life even when it looks good on someone else instead of you. 

I have discovered that the happiest moments take place while witnessing joy on someone else’s hard working day. 

Sometimes, you can get lost in their joy more than you would in yours. 

I know you are tired. I am too. 

I know you feel like you have nothing else to give. I get it. 

But I also know you have what it takes for one more crawl, one more climb. 

Don’t worry about what happens after. 

It has never been about the tomorrows. Or the yesterdays. 

It is just about the here, the now, this crawl, this climb.

This fall or rise. (click to tweet!)

As always, I write this letter to you so I can read it to myself. 

Let it bless us both. 


With thousands of hard working, kind loving days,


P.S. Have you read Second Firsts and Where Did You Go?

If you haven’t I hope they find their way to you.

The Good Letter

I have been working longer hours lately and today I didn’t get a chance to sit and write you a letter. You may think, but this is a letter isn’t it? 

It is but it's not the letter I was going to write. 

It is just a letter telling you that I ran out of time. 

I know you understand. I know you get it. 

What is important to me is to always write to you on Fridays, no matter what. 

I will never not write, because I know you wait for this letter. 

I learned that the most important thing is to reach out, even if we don’t have the stars and the moon to give out. Even if we don’t have the perfect words. 

I want you to know that I am here after a long week at work. 

After doing everything I could to live my best life. 

I know you did the same thing. 

We were both doing it together even thousands of miles apart. 

We were living, working, doing the best we could. 

So what was your week like? 

This is what I would ask you if I was just checking in. 

Without the ‘good’ letter. 

And you would ask me about my week. 

And we would sit. 

Sometimes I think about the small villages in Greece. 

All the way up the mountain. 

With people over 100 years old, sitting with their neighbors outside their doors just watching the world go by together. 

I wish we were at the village, sitting with them, staring at the sunrise drinking our coffee and making small talk. 

But the kind of small talk that feels divine and calming. 

The kind that is made of laughter, without too many words. 

Just human noises, chairs moving, people walking by and a few words here and there. 

But look at us, I was telling you I wasn’t going to write much of a letter but I couldn’t stop writing.

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing today reach out to someone.

Even if you are tired after a long day. Just call. Write. 

Sit out on your porch, see if your neighbor is out there too. 

And just like that life will show up. To write itself. 

To tell you words of comfort. 

To keep you company. 

Just like it did here in my letter to you. 

Just like it will with your letter to someone else. 


With a good letter after all,


P.S. This week’s podcast was life changing. If you have lost someone you love I hope you listen in here

You Didn't Leave

What if you were free. 

To be what you feel

To scream out your name. 

And jump inside the pain

Would you? 

Live in it. 

Be in it

Without fright. 

Just you walking in pleight. 

With yourself in mind.

Would you?

Would you do it?

If it was true 

To live not feeling blue 

To conquer the grief 

In brief

In lift of you 

Oh Lord,

Your eyes can see me

Your heart can hear me

You didn’t leave 

You just waited for me 

To scream my own name

And swim inside my own pain. 

Is the only way to be beside you

I knew it then 

When it felt like I was spent

Inside each day’s lens

Your lens. 

Your parallels

Inside the grief 

You left for me

So I could be free to sleep

And wake inside your plane. 

Between the edges of your Grace 

In Light. 

In Dark. 

In Heavenly Land.


With poetry,


P.S. We did it. We recorded 100 episodes of the Dear Life Podcast. 

And we celebrated with the stars. 

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Find Your Lava

I have been seeing a therapist lately. 

We are trying to figure out how the heck did I change so much since the loss of my husband.

Sometimes I wonder, did someone come in and replace me? 

I know it sounds crazy and of course nobody replaced me but it feels like someone else is here, certainly not the woman before. 

But here is what I really think. 

Devastating emotional pain can change our DNA. (Click to tweet!)

Of course nobody has proved that or said that. 

But think about it. If food can make us healthy or sick. 

Then pain or love (two sides of the same coin) can impact our DNA. 

This change is both good and bad of course. 

I mean, let me just tell you, I so miss the old Christina. 

She socialized a lot. 

She had plenty of friends and she was quite a few pounds lighter too. Grief is heavy. 

Her life was also simpler. But, here is the big but, the Christina that came after, can write. 

Pain left a big pen behind. And she has been using that pen for everything. 

And the words she wrote changed her whole life. And the life of many others. 

I know you may be thinking, but Christina, great you wrote books but I didn’t get anything good from pain. I HEAR YOU. 

But please just keep reading. 

At first it doesn’t look like we got anything good. 

It took 4 years before the writing started to happen for me. 

And even then, I didn’t think anyone would want to read what I was writing. 

If you have gone through a loss that broke your heart, the truth is that you have been changed. Yes you have. And not just a little bit. A lot. 

But your brain doesn’t want you to know about the changes your DNA has experienced. 

Your brain is trying everything it can to keep you the same as before. 

The old you. The one who lived in the old life. The one you lost. 

You have to find your way to the new you. 

The one that is here to replace you. 

And yes, yes we will grieve the old you. 

Maybe even forever. I do. Still. I wish I could visit her and talk to her. 

Hold her hand. But we can’t do that. We have to find the new one. 

But how do we?

You have to try new things. 

You have to let your curiosity take you places. 

There is another you trying to take over. Let them in. 

Just say yes, will you?

My therapist said, maybe what happened to you is what happens to a Volcano when it erupts. LAVA. I looked up the definition of Lava on Wikipedia. 

And this is what it said. 

Lava is molten rock that has been expelled from the interior of a terrestrial planet. 

So, find your Lava dear one. 

Find it, let it cool off from the heat of the volcano and then let it replace the ghost self with the new one. There is really no other way. 


With molten rock, 



If you are constantly seeking to understand reality the way I do, I hope you listen in to this week’s podcast interview with Dr. Don Hoffman. Listen here:


Why Don't You Put Some Makeup On?

I posted a video about the Life Reentry class on facebook the other day and a woman commented under it, why don’t you put some makeup on Christina?

At first, I responded casually. 

I did have some makeup on, but it's been a long day of zoom calls and work

And then I started thinking about it. 

Hmmm. Did I not look good? 

Am I getting old?

Maybe I should put on heavier makeup next time so it stays on longer. 

I should be more professional.

What was I thinking? 

The inner narration paused for a while.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw all of my new wrinkles. 

Neck lines and all. The inner narration picked up right where it left off.

Well, you are approaching 50 what did you think was going to happen? 

You weren’t going to look good forever. 

The days of your good looks are gone. 

And just like that. 

A random stranger had all this power.

I know you too have probably experienced similar comments about the choices you make with your physical body. 

Aging is such a big loss for women

The world is harsh towards wrinkles, naked faces, imperfect skins. 

Why don’t men have to wear makeup? 

What about some eye shadow? 

High heels anyone? (Click to tweet!)

To the woman who was curious about my no makeup face I know you only asked because someone else asked you the same question.

Probably early on in your life, and you may not even remember it. I get it. 

I have lived in that same world you have. 

And now together we will walk out of it. 

Not because there is anything wrong with wearing makeup, but not wearing it should not take away from our value. The intelligence that lives behind the eyeshadow. 

The humor that lurks under the lipstick. 

The modern woman has many faces. 

And all of them belong to her. 

If you are a man reading this letter I know you already loved a woman just the way she chose to be. 

If you are a woman reading this letter don’t let anyone dictate your looks. 

And if you are non binary thank you for paving the way towards a non judgmental world. 

Where self expression is exactly what it sounds like. 


With eye shadows, 


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It was not like any other day. 

Something was in the air. 

A heaviness, with no name. 

A knowing. A goodbye. 

An Ending. A full stop. 

And it was known. 

Nothing could prevent it. Nothing at all. 

It was coming. Like all endings do. 

The Ending arrived quietly. Almost like a whisper. 

“I am here, and I need to end this.” It murmured. 

“But why do you have to be here Ending?” I asked. 

“Can’t we have a new beginning without you?” 

“This kind of beginning requires me to end some things.” Ending said 

“But the things you want to end are things I still need.” I said. 

“Yes they are.” Ending said

“So, then don’t visit with me.” I replied.

“It’s too late, I am already here. You must let go.”

“Let go.” Ending whispered again. 


As I started to let go, the air moved. 

My sadness breathed easier. 

“Do you see her coming in?” Ending said and pointed towards the ocean. 

I looked but there was nothing. 

“Keep looking.” Ending said. 

“At first, it will look like nothing is coming.

Keep looking. 

Beginnings are formless at first. (Click to tweet!)

Especially as I am still on my way out. 

The further I go, the more you will start to see your beginning clearly.” Ending said and I could barely hear it anymore. 

My heart was squashed. 

My knees were trembling. 

I was on my own now. 

Looking for my new beginning. 

And as I was standing there, just like that, my beginning appeared in front of me. 

She was bigger than I had expected. 

At first I could not see all of her. 

But the parts I could see surprised me. 

This beginning was different to any other beginnings. 

She was vaster than the ocean itself. 

I sat down, put my hands on my face and cried. 

Oh ending, I get it now. 

The letting go. 

You ending things I thought I still needed. 

Of course. 

You were right all along. 


With an ending and a beginning,


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The Forbidden Path

I have been trying to write you this letter all day long. 

I have so much to tell you that my thoughts are competing for their spot.

I have had a hard week. 

For many reasons. 

And I know you had one too. 

I feel like I am inside a maze. Lost. 

But here is what I am really struggling with. 

There is one path inside the maze that I know is the way out, but I have forbidden myself going there. I stand at the beginning of the path and stare at it. 

Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I just sit there and look at it. 

I hadn’t visited for a while.

But lately, I have not only been more honest with everyone in my life but also with myself. 

So I have reminded myself of the forbidden path. 

I know what you are thinking. 

But why, why is it forbidden?

Because it is

Some things we just can’t let ourselves have. (Click to tweet!)

There are many reasons for that. 

I know you know some of those reasons. I do too. 

I do believe that one day I will let myself go there. 

In a sense this is a kind of love story.

Even though this path is not leading me to another person. 

It is still a love story. 

If there is a forbidden path inside your maze, a path that leads you to something you really want, or to someone you want to be with. 

An experience. Whatever that is for you. 

I know how it feels to not let yourself go on it. 

Because you don’t want to let down the people you care about. 

And the more people you don’t want to let down, the more forbidden this path is. 

I know I am speaking in riddles. 

But I also know I am speaking to you, struggling with the many sacrifices you made in your life. The choices you made along the way that were not for your own good, but for others. 

I know you have had many forbidden paths in your life. 

And for now. For today. 

Just knowing that someone else is standing in front of theirs, with a broken heart makes you feel more understanding of your past choices. 

You chose what you chose in your life for the right reasons, even though it was wrong for you. 

And my dear friend, the day I walk down my forbidden path, you will be the first to know. 

Until then I will find a way to stop all the crying. 

But what kind of love story would it be if there were no tears. 


With an unforbidden future,


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My Imaginary Friend

Before Bjarne passed I used to be very social. 

Big dinner parties at my house. 

Hanging out with many friends. 

Phone calls for lengthy conversations. 

I always had friends to talk to. 

But after the devastation of losing him I experienced what I called a duality. 

My inner world changed so dramatically and my outer world could no longer match it. 

The difference between what I was experiencing and what the world thought I was experiencing, was vast. 

It wasn’t anyone’s fault. 

I was being separated from everyone by grief.

Slowly I found myself not only devastatingly sad, but deeply lonely. 

That is when I started to learn how to solo process my grief. 

I got really good at crying alone, surviving alone and also befriending myself. 

I created a whole new inner world to live in. 

And writing was part of that world. 

People always assume I was always a writer. But I wasn’t. 

I became one to understand myself.

Grief is a multi layered experience and I could not get to a deeper level in my conversations with the people in my life. 

So I had to become the other person. 

I had to give birth to a second Christina. A twin imaginary friend. 

The two of us started to go deeper and deeper. 

Analyze what was happening each day. 

Brainstorming solutions. Reading the books. 

Learning the new landscape of life. 

And I don’t regret it. I saved myself. 

I know you have also saved yourself. 

But I do hope we do find our way back to deep and trusting friendships again. 

It is not fun not to be known by others. 

It is not fun not to be seen for who you really are.

There is healing in that, the kind of healing you cannot give to yourself.

With many imaginary friends,


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