Lately, it feels like every day introduces us to a new intense feeling, doesn’t it?

One of the reasons why everything feels more intense than what intensity normally feels like, is because we are experiencing feelings we haven’t felt before. 

There is a spectrum of emotions inside sadness. 

And a spectrum of emotions inside joy. 

We have thousands of variables when it comes to human feelings. 

But yet, we only talk about the very basic parts of them. 

We feel sad, upset, confused, good, bad, happy, angry, etc. 

Human emotions are so much more complex than that. 

When we feel something we don’t have words for, we just label it with the basics. 

Instead, we need to sit down and write in great detail how we feel. 

All the many ways we feel fear. 

The smallest ways and the biggest ways. 

Don’t dismiss the invisible, complex and seemingly small feelings. Promise? 

And don’t dismiss the moments of grief you felt that had nothing to do with the grief you normally feel. Stay with that newfound grief when you feel it. 

When you tell someone about it. 

Single out the strangeness of your grief, the mystery of what it feels like and do the best you can to find the words to describe it. If words are not enough. Paint it. Draw it. 

Move your body to it. Cry it. Scream it. Do whatever you need to do, to express it. 

Never keep it in the quietness of the inner world. 

It gets lost there if we don’t call it out. 

It is how the heaviness sets in. How anxiety finds us. Depression too. 

You see, emotions are a part of you as much as your arms and legs are. 

They need their own space. Their own words. And their own names. (Click to tweet!)

Even joy when not expressed can become a burden and make us feel isolated and why the uniqueness of your experience this week must be shared. 



With beautifully expressed complexity of emotion,


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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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