Sometimes I feel like I can see you in your home, in your life, in your pain.

And the last thing you need is someone to come and tell you what to do, inspire you to change your life. You are tired. Fed up. Hurt. 

You can’t even think about your day without anxiety. 

You want to close your eyes, block your ears and be transported to somewhere else. 

Another world. Maybe even start from scratch. From nothing. 

But there isn’t a life lifter anywhere near. 

Someone who can come pick you up from your house and take you to another world. 

Quiet. Peaceful. With gardens and flowers. 

With less expectations and responsibilities. 

With a community that cares about you. 

Where your inner world can be discussed and understood by others. 

Your first day there feels like heaven. 

When the life lifter drops you off he smiles at you knowing this is going to be a different life. One without the noise, the silliness, the burdens you are so used to carrying. 

But where is this place the life lifter took you? 

Are you dreaming? Are you imagining such a world? 

Did you really get transported to another place? 

Life lifters do exist, and they are real. 

And the place you were taken can be reached when someone helps you process your life.

The life lifter knows you carry many invisible burdens and he asks you this question first.

“What was hard this morning?” 

I know the first time you hear this question, you think to yourself well nothing happened today. What does the life lifter mean by that question. 

And you say “well I got up and made some coffee. 

Nothing much different from any other day.” 

And the life lifter says “Yes, but what felt hard today even if it was the same as all the other days.” And you look away and think, and for the first time you wonder whether you should tell someone about the heaviness in your chest. 

As if he knows what you are thinking he jumps in and says “I want to know about the feelings you feel without noticing them much anymore.” 

And you say “oh well, yes I am OK but if you really must know, I wake up feeling this dread. Just a slight dread. Before anything even begins. It is a left over dread, I think.” and you laugh nervously. “Left over from when?” the Life Lifter says. 

“Oh Gosh, I don’t remember exactly but it feels like it has always been there.” you say with a slight question mark in your voice. “Do you remember a time when it wasn’t there?” the Life Lifter asks knowing the answer. 

“I guess so. Maybe before I even had kids, you are taking me back now. All the way to my early 20s, when I was studying in college. I don’t remember having it then.” you say staring at the distance, out the window with a smile on your face. “I can tell you went somewhere else, where were you?” the Life Lifter says and looks at you straight in the eyes knowing what comes next. “I remember the days when everything seemed easy, and the whole world seemed kind. I guess my innocence was there too.” you say with a tear forming in your eyes. “Now can you recall the first time you felt that heaviness?” the life lifter asks the second question. 

“It was nothing big really, just a regular day but my mom forgot my birthday, and for some reason even though this was not the first time, it felt different. Heavier.” you say and you take deep breaths, deeper than you have in a while. 

“Did your mom forget your birthday often?” the Life Lifter said in a very quiet voice. 

“I guess you can say that, but it was other smaller things, she did. That nobody noticed but me.” you say and for some reason you get up from the chair and go towards that big window that is next to the kitchen. 

“You know what? I think I will go for a walk today. 

I haven’t felt like it for some time, but I feel like I do today. 

After all I can’t let that beautiful sunshine go to waste. 

And there are new neighbors that moved in weeks ago and I haven’t even welcomed them yet.” 

“It sounds good to me, and I will see you again another day.” the Life Lifter says and heads towards the door. 

You stare at him knowing that whatever he said, and whatever you said made everything lighter, less noisy and more purposeful. 

Maybe, you will call your friend and ask her about how she feels when she gets up in the morning too. 

After all, it feels rather good to talk about something that nobody ever knew and nobody ever saw. (Click to tweet!)


With life lifting abilities, 

Christina Rasmussen 



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Christina Rasmussen is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur who believes that grief is an evolutionary experience required for launching a life of adventure and creative accomplishment.

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