When someone who has climbed the biggest mountains dies, I can feel the blood in my veins take a pause.

When the heart of a warrior stops beating it is felt in us all.

This week Doris Day died.

I hope she enjoyed her wins and her accomplishments.

Because one day this life is over no matter who we are.

I used to call the path to the dream a dirt road.

And I truly believed it was the only way there.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

It doesn’t have to be a dirt road.

You don’t have to crawl all the way to the mountain top.

If it feels like a crawl, it is not your mountain.

If it feels like a nightmare, it is not your dream. (Click to tweet!)

There are two types of hard work.

The enjoyable type where you love what you do and you work hard for it.

And the type of hard work that you hate.

I know this is a strong word, but I want to help you recognize the difference.

Hard work can be very enjoyable.

But hard work that is not enjoyed becomes fear, anxiety and loss of your identity and self.

It is like you are selling yourself.

You are giving your life away to something you hate doing because you think it will lead you to your dream.

And it might.

But your life could end before it does.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

I wish someone had explained the difference between working hard for something I love doing and working hard towards something I might love in the future.

And we die there, in the midst of waiting for a better climb, a dirt road without mud and a door that may not stay shut forever.

I am not interested in dirt roads anymore even though I am such an expert on them.

And I am running down the mountains I thought were mine.

Don’t listen to anyone promising you that one day it will get easier, if you are doing something you simply hate you must stop doing it.

And work harder than ever to do something you love.

You will win you know?

You will succeed in it.

How do I know?

Imagine throwing yourself to a mountain that you love.

That mountain will move to make you a part of it.

You know what this is called? It is called fate.

When the mountain hugs you on your way up instead of pushing you of it you know it is meant to be.

Let’s say goodbye to all of the borrowed mountains and dirt roads we were told were the only way to the life of our dreams.

As for Doris Day, I read that she found her very own mountain from the start.

But I believe the late mountain finders like us have even more appreciation for the hug back. And it is that much sweeter.

That much grander.

With my new beautiful mountains,


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