I didn’t know what to expect when two big SUVs pulled in my driveway and 4 women jumped out with bedding, towels and pillows, flowers and pictures.

They all smiled at me and said we are here to get your house ready to sell.

This was part of our realtor Dana’s complimentary services for her home listings.

They were the stagers.

Universe’s angel stagers

They started bringing in these white linens, and white everything.

Big bags full of big cushions.

There were at least 30 of them.

I went to help them and they immediately said no, no don’t worry we got this.

They split in two groups and went in the bedrooms making the beds.

I followed them around.

Experiencing this moment of being taken care of to the fullest.

Within an hour the house started to change and along with that I started to feel this emotional joy.

House photography by Nate Denny

I didn’t know why but it felt as though the whole universe came in to help me move.

Yes we did scrub the floors and painted the walls for the last two weeks, but it found us and said stand back, let me take over now.

I sat there witnessing the women putting it all together and within a few hours the house was completely transformed.

It was no longer my house.


The transition had already began.

The future was entering the present.

And the universe was literally winking at me.

See Christina when you make these big decisions, there comes a moment when you are supposed to just let go so I can take over.

Hands off, Christina.

You did your part.

Let me now do mine.

I realized in that moment that it has always been like this.

When we do the really hard part and have the courage to initiate big change the Universe brings its stagers and takes over the things you least expect.

I sat down for a few moments on the steps inside my house and tried to think about all the other times the universe took over during a hard transition.

A few weeks after Bjarne had passed the girls and I were traveling to the UK from Boston and were sitting at the terminal waiting to board when three men in pilot uniforms came to us and asked us to follow them.

A friend of mine wrote to the airline that we had just gone through this devastating loss and they wanted to put us in first class.

The girls giggled so much when they saw the beds on the plane.

And they were treated like princesses all the way.

I remember feeling this emotional joy then too.

And I know if you tried to think back at different times in your life when you were moving from one chapter to the next there were moments when the universe took over and you felt spoiled and loved and taken care of.

We are never alone, especially when we are reentering life.

That is when the Universe likes to show off and spoils us when we least expect it. (Click to tweet!)

Our house went on the market today, and the angel stagers made sure every single room looks like heaven on earth.

With many winks from the Universe,


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